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Zivert in Dubai for her first solo concert at Coca Cola

The First solo concert in Dubai - Zivert at Coca Cola Arena

Zivert in Dubai for her first big solo concert on April 30 2023. Presented by Berin Iglesias Art in partnership with Coca-Cola Arena and Dubai Calendar.

On April 30, 2023 worldwide popular singer Zivert put on a spectacular show at the legendary Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai. Best hits, high level dance production, sea of lights and emotions overwhelmed people who came that night with a wave of drive energy.

The audience went through the whole range of emotions with the singer: they danced together to Beverly Hills and WAKE UP!, listened to touching soul poems and cover versions of mega popular hits "It Was Love" and "Everything is Solved" by Dima Bilan and Gosti iz budushego. Zivert interacted a lot with the audience and thanked her fans from Dubai with the warmest words.

The singer is well known as a fashion trendsetter. This time she tried on an ultra fashionable grunge look: a long leather coat, rough boots and a tattered T-shirt, she also came out in an oversize shirt to romantic songs and rocked to dance hits in mini. As Zivert noted from the stage, fans have long wanted to see her without a wig, which has become almost a calling card, this time Zivert appeared with a fashionable haircut.

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The passionate, vibrant,and vigorous Zivert will perform her first solo concert at Dubai's home of live entertainment on April 30, 2023. With her excellent vocals, impressive show, professional choreography, the highest quality soundand special effects, Zivert has set high standards for herself since the start of her musical career in 2017, aiming to become an artist of the highest class and to gain worldwide popularity. Zivert's concerts are an experience of bright and energetic performances, her songs have become hits on the spot and won the hearts of thousands of fans in Europe and Russia. Her single "Life," released in 2018, became one of the ten most popular downloaded tracks on iTunes and Apple Music, and was the most searched song on Shazam in 2019 in Russia. Her videos have consistently scored millions of views on YouTube, with "Life" and "I Want More" ("Ещё хочу") in the top having more than 130 million views. The audience will enjoy a first-class show, as for the first time the Russian-speaking artist will perform on such а grand scale on the largest stage in Dubai. The meteoric career rise in just a few years has led Zivert to international fame and allowed her to draw stadiums of fans. Since 2020 her concerts have had a great success in Europe, including: Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Estonia, etc., in Great Britain, in the USA and Canada. She gained tremendous public admiration performing at such venues as Concord Music Hall in Chicago, The O2 Arena in London, Hangar 11 Club in Tel Aviv, Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, EXPO XXI Arena in Warsaw, Arena Riga in Riga, Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn and others. The singer is fluent in English, her repertoire half consists of the English-language songs. Her immense talent and irrepressible energy, original performing style (which Zivert herself describes as vintage pop), genuine multiculturalism are the key to the singer's success and promise to turn her into one of the most popular contemporary singers. Zivert's concert in Dubai is expected to be the highlight of the spring. The bright and charismatic Zivert will bring a unique show to the Coca-Cola Arena. Opened in June 2019, Coca-Cola Arena has revolutionized the live entertainment industry in the UAE and throughout the Middle East. Capable of hosting live shows 365 days a year, the fully air-conditioned, 17,000-capacity arena establishes Dubai as a major destination on the global events circuit. Coca-Cola Arena’s unique automated seating design means it can be adapted to international and local events of all sizes, from international touring artists, sporting tournaments, e-gaming, comedy and live theatre and musical performances, to conferences, gala dinners, AGMs and weddings. Located in the heart of City Walk, Dubai’s lifestyle destination, Coca-Cola Arena is a 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport and a 5-minute walk from the closest Dubai Metro Station. The region’s largest multipurpose indoor arena, Coca-Cola Arena is an asset of Dubai Holding’s entertainment portfolio and is managed byASM Global, the world’s leading venue management and services company.


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