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ZEUS + DIONE new collection is entirely dedicated to craftmanship

Ergochiro summer 23 collection builds on the subtly romantic aura that characterizes the High Summer season, thus ZEUS + DIONE summer 23 is entirely dedicated to the art of handicrafts.

All images, Ergochiro summer 23 collection by ZEUS + DIONE

Throughout the collection designer Marios Schwab illustrates Emmanuel Kant's saying that "the hand is the window of the mind" and is inspired in particular by two magazines Εκείνde/Her and ERGOCHIRO published in the 1970s in Greece, which inspired women to develop their creativity through clever patterns, inspiring motives and ideas.

Exploring the vast craft heritage of the Pomace region, in the north of Greece; antique silk tablecloths entirely embroidered by hand women were over-dyed reassembled and sewn in sumptuous dresses and bluses, an ennoblement that also pays tribute to the signs of time.

By incorporating embroidery with cross stitch, azure or delicate flat stitch on a dressing room of day tailor, this collection is an ode to craft know-how. Bias cut dresses have clean, feminine forms. Signs that have been pleated, pleated, and crumpled transform simple lines into flexible silhouettes. Gathered bodices fall on undulating skirts with soft pleats, while necklines and cutouts that reveal the skin exalt all the tenderness of the collection.

The palette here is filled with coral shades, shimmering silver gray tones, neutrals, ivories, clear blues, and black accents, similar to the spectacular reefs off the Mediterranean coast.

The brand's signature "Spathoto" silk is woven with coral and gold tones, contrasting with the ecru stripes of natural silk. Baroque pearls turn into decorative buttons, synthetic corals and sculpted seashells adorn the rope belts and jewelry, and silver embellishes them all.

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