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Zara Larsson covers Vogue Scandinavia

For its April - May issue, Vogue Scandinavia uncovers the uninhibited and unfiltered confidence of Sweden’s biggest international pop star, Zara Larsson

In addition to her string of platinum hits, Zara Larsson regularly causes waves internationally for her wildly outspoken statements and resounding personal confidence. “Why would I ever doubt myself? Like, I’m amazing,” says the 25-year-old international pop star in Vogue Scandinavia’s latest cover story.

With masses of fans across the globe and almost 8 million followers on Instagram, Larsson has made headlines for going against the general Scandinavian tendency to avoid self promotion: never afraid to say what she truly thinks. Showing her vulnerable side, Larsson shares how she has overcome any anxieties or insecurities to become her own number one fan. And in her words: this is her year.

Shot by the waterways of Stockholm, in a scene reminiscent of the infamous Den Lille Havfrue statue in Copenhagen by Edvard Eriksen, the latest cover reflects the publication’s reverence for nature, as well as the subtle theme throughout the April - May issue: the myth of the Scandinavian blonde.

In this issue, Vogue Scandinavia also gets to know the Skam-alumni fondly referred to as Scandinavia’s boyfriend: Herman Tømmeraas. The Norwegian talent, with his boy-next-door good looks, shares all about his experience in the Nordics’ most popular TV series ever, his experience of “overnight stardom” and the exercise and eating plan behind that naked scene in season two of Ragnarok.

Vogue Scandinavia also turns the spotlight to Praya Lundberg, to discover a Scandi star largely unknown to many in the Nordics. The proudly half-Swedish actress, who is considered the Angelina Jolie of Thailand, opens up about her dreams to conquer Hollywood, saying: “Sometimes it’s really hard because I was a working actress in Thailand, and now I don’t know when my next gig is.” But, Lundberg’s tenacity is paying off, as she recently starred in Chuck Russell’s thriller Paradise City, alongside Bruce Willis and John Travolta.

The issue also features an exclusive insider’s view of the Scandinavian institution of Ole Lynggaard, as the family brand marks its 60th anniversary. From within the atelier of the heritage jewellery house and proud purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, Vogue Scandinavia witnesses their anniversary collection, couture dresses inclusive.

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