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Warm Your Soul; A Story in a Candle

KO`HANNA - handmade scented candles for special gifts (@kohanna.candles)

Your home always reflects your personality. It's more than a house, it's your sanctuary. A place to escape from the world and get some time just for yourself.

Make your haven a little more beautiful with a curated selection of luxurious handmade scented candles, excellently made with love by the young Ukrainian family brand @kohanna.candles. A must-have decor to give the home comfort you need. Partnering with Porterium's most unique and exclusive Fashion and Design Monaco-based marketplace perfect for global outreach of Ko'Hanna's eco-friendly piece. Ideal for your next special gift. Using only the best components from Ukraine & all over Europe. The luxurious Scented Handmade Candles are made with no paraffin, are vegan-friendly, and guaranteed not tested on animals.

As the brand quoted, "It's not just about making scented candles—it's about creating a space that feels warm and pleasant for your soul." As they believed, the small interior details are able to fill a home with vital energy, and aromas are able to create different moods to relax the mind, bringing luxury to everyday life. Ko'Hanna's intention is to fill the perfect complement to your elegant home, as a beautiful candle in your corner matches with your lifestyle.

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