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Virtual Fashion Try-On Company Launches Tool to Set Up AI Shopping Experience For Retailers

Virtual try-on creators, Zyler, has released a website plug-in product, “Zyler Go”, which lets retailers add virtual try-on to their site in minutes.


Leading augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) fashion tech solutions provider, Zyler, introduces a new way to implement virtual try-on into any retailer website with ease.

The newly introduced plug-in feature automates the integration process, meaning that retailers can almost instantly add the virtual try-on experience to their website. With just a couple of lines of code pasted into a new webpage, fashion retailers can allow customers to see themselves in outfits with just a headshot and basic measurements.

To get set up, retailers provide Zyler with an image of a model wearing the clothes that they wish to be enabled for online try-on. Zyler’s dedicated team will work with the images to prepare them for try-on. Once this is completed, Zyler Go will appear on the website, so customers can see the item of clothing on themselves while shopping.

For further information please contact or visit the Zyler website.

Zyler is a virtual try-on solution for fashion brands and retailers that allows their customers to try on clothing in just a few simple steps. Zyler was created by Anthropics Technology, an AI technology solutions company based in London, UK. Further details can be found at:


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