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Valentino Surfaces Spring 2023 collection

Maison Valentino presents "Valentino Toile Iconographe", part of the Valentino Surfaces Spring 2023 pre-collection:

a celebration of the VLogo that for the first time cover the pret-à-porter and the Valentino Garavani accessories.

A campaign shot by renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel was dedicated to this new pattern: a powerful and timeless campaign,

which descends into the visual memory of the aesthetic imaginaries of the last century in a rigor that is never taken for granted,

revealing Valentino's extraordinary consistency, right up to the present that is now.

Images that are artist's canvases, with high graphic impact, starring Kristen McMenamy, Cas, Alaato and Sora Choi.

Valentino Toile Iconographe is in constant and incessant motion, to write and rewrite

fashion. To talk about us and with us. Without boundaries, without gender.

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