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Valérie Messika's anniversary 10th High Jewelry Collection

The Maison Messika's anniversary High Jewelry line is showcased by French-Italian singer and model Carla Bruni. While the face of the Maison's Move Link collection is Kendal Jenner. American celebrities are often seen wearing Messika - recently most viewed during Riri's Super Bowl performance.

Carla Bruni wears Glitter Fever set from the Midnight Sun High Jewelry collection. ©Pierre-Ange Carlotti

“With Midnight Sun, Messika showcases the fascinating history of these unparalleled celebrations. The night spots of the time were culminating point of all the antagonisms and extravagances. Spaces far from conventions, whose hypnotic spirit continues to be a source of inspiration and desire. Who better than the magnetic Carla Bruni to embody this electric and daring theme?”

Valérie Messika Founder and Artistic Director of Maison Messika


Messika excels at showcasing the radiance of diamonds, if there is one thing she knows how to accomplish. For the first time, the Maison illuminates 15 cushion-cut yellow diamonds weighing between 2 and 15 carats using the classic snow setting.

Glitter Fever earrings Total diamond weight: 12.62 carats Glitter Fever necklace Total diamond weight: 87.68 carats

Glitter Fever ring Total diamond weight: 2.73 carats

Messika Paris - Collier Glitter Fever

The yellow diamond is the center of attention on this dance floor-like coating of priceless diamonds. Like all of Valérie Messika's works, Glitter Fever is a game of brilliant contrasts. The cushion cut and the less structured set of diamonds are in stark contrast to the geometric shapes of the jewels in this set. This delicate blending of forms and light brings harmony and demonstrates the Maison's unmatched precision.

The dimensions of each square on the lip jewel, ring, earrings, and necklace have been carefully chosen to complement the size of each yellow diamond. High level of craftsmanship, especially considering that Glitter Fever jewelry also had to adhere to another criterion of the Maison: it had to be worn as close to the skin as possible.

Messika Paris - Ring Toi&Moi Joy Coeur High Jewellery

The yellow diamond in this instance is an invitation to party and to the glitz of the evenings in the 1970s. During these mythological events, it was normal to wear flimsy, extravagant clothing with an endless supply of rhinestones. In a brilliant ornamentation that showcases the savoir-faire and innovation that are distinctive to the Maison, Glitter Fever revisits the wild vibe of the clubs of the 1970s.

Carla Bruni wears Fiery set from the Midnight Sun High Jewelry collection. Fiery earrings Total diamond weight: 2.65 carats. Fiery necklace Total diamond weight: 10.64 carats The new Messika High Jewelry line celebrates the mood of the 1970s. The nightlife culture upends conventions from New York City to Paris by reinventing genres, breaking rules, and changing the face of fashion. The Mudd Club, the Palace, Chez Régine, Studio 54, etc.

A happy mood permeates cities, a testament to individual expression. The persistent energy of the wildest nights of the 1970s serves as the inspiration for Valérie Messika's 10th High Jewelry Collection. Midnight Sun allows for complete freedom. The message is clear, You may be whoever you want to be! This is also embodied with the "Fiery" high jewellery set - a symbol of energy and strength, a new feat of jewelry savoir-faire as the pear-shaped diamonds are surrounded by a halo and a flat surface of mirror-polished white gold.

Each set, each flame, seems to fit harmoniously on the neck. In search of the perfect balance, Valérie Messika offers daring Fiery variations, including a composition of rings with the most original design.

Messika Paris - Choker Ultimate Party

Valérie Messika chose French singer and model Carla Bruni to be the face of the new Messika High Jewelry line in order to represent this ecstatic collection. The A fashion icon returns with elegance and charisma. The new collection guest of honour was American singer Cardi B at hotel Crillon in Paris, who wore Messika Paris - Choker Ultimate Party for the occasion.

Cardi B and Valérie Messika in Messika - Journée de Haute Joaillerie Messika 2023 ©Tiziano

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