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UNDONE debuts at Geneva Watch Week with new watch collections

All images courtesy of Custom Watches | Personalized Watches | UNDONE – UNDONE Watches

For the first time, UNDONE the brand that, 8 years ago, invented the concept of unique and affordable bespoke watches will be exhibiting at Geneva Watch Week from March 27th-31st, 2023, Hotel Beau-Rivage. UNDONE’s management team will present the brand’s strategy and new product lineup during Geneva Watch Week. In 2022, UNDONE manufactured 20,000 watches, of which 70% were unique made-to-order watches, all of them on UNDONE production lines in Hong Kong and mainland China. In 2023, the company will also be launching exclusive collections made in Switzerland. Additional production sites will be opening in Japan and the US. The US market accounts for 60% of the brand’s business, Asia for 20% and Europe for 20% as well. The UNDONE community is passionate and loyal – some customers own no fewer than 18 UNDONE watches. In the last five years, UNDONE has grown from a 3-person startup into a 40-strong team.

The mantra of UNDONE: Individuality matters

It’s not about making watches for everyone, but for every One. And why UNDONE? Rémi Chabrat, the brand’s Co-CEO puts it like this: “Because until the customer gets what they want, we're not done.”

In the immortal words of the unforgettable Popeye: I'm strong to the finich, ‘cause I eats me spinach!

In 2023, the brand is shifting into high gear with its ultra-advanced watch customization concept first developed 8 years ago under the impetus of its founder Robert Tran. Joining forces with Rémi Chabrat, CEO of Montrichard Group, a Hong Kong-based industrial group with substantial manufacturing capabilities, means UNDONE will be able to scale up to up to 500 unique made-to-order watches per day! At the core of UNDONE’s strategy: push the boundaries of ‘made-to-order’ even further, right down to customizing the smallest components of the watch movement; enhance the brand’s watchmaking cred by with Swiss-made products for certain collections during the year; develop collaborations with big names in fashion, lifestyle, design and streetwear; and leverage licensing agreements to bring back pop culture icons from comics and cartoons that will make even the most nostalgic collectors happy.

The UNDONE Story: Making ‘exclusively made-to-order’ affordable

For decades, “made to order,” “bespoke,” “one-off” and “unique creation” were part of a vocabulary reserved only for the rarefied spheres of Haute Horlogerie. 8 years ago, into this reality was born a lifestyle watch that would change the course of history with a story of its own: UNDONE. “Luxury is no longer about price. It’s about the exclusiveness of owning something unique, something special, something that no one else has – something that is You."

Next-level personalization

With UNDONE, you design your own watch. UNDONE takes you through an amazing creative building process: from selecting a basic collection style with the color and material for the watch case, to choosing practically all the components that make up the watch. Dial, indexes, bracelet, different engraving options, color, strap... you can even have an image of your choice printed on the caseback. At the end of the day, what you are purchasing is a unique product that, like nothing else you can buy, reflects your own personal tastes. Since 2014, UNDONE has been leveraging its incredibly flexible and efficient manufacturing equipment and processes with one goal: to give as many people as possible the opportunity to own a unique made-to-order watch, to design, to express who they are through something they create. At UNDONE watches, happy customers are those who feel fulfilled. UNDONE is the brand with the ability to listen to its consumers and let them make their own choices.

BASECAMP Cali. Everyday California Dial Watch

Watches that inspire, that make you smile when you see them on the wrist. When UNDONE started out on its journey in 2014, the brand entered into licensing agreements to bring iconic pop culture characters from cartoons and comic books – like Popeye, Pinocchio, Snoopy, Astro Boy, Batman… – onto the watchmaking scene, creating new possibilities for ‘bespokeness with a twist’. More recently, UNDONE began engaging with artists and creators in the fields of fashion, street art and streetwear, letting their cool creative-disruptive energy flow into new watch creations that echo and amplify the Individuality matters message.

Rémi Chabrat, CEO of the Montrichard Group and CEO of UNDONE watches

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