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Ukrainian fashion brand Kel In UA

VMM: Hi, Elena, Thanks so much for coming in today to meet our team is in Dubai. Let's get started! First, could you tell us a little bit about about yourself?

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Kel in UA: I'm a designer with a background in evening gowns and cocktail dresses. dresses. I've been in the business for years. We are based in Ukraine. but selling our gowns in Dubai and Los Angeles and expanding our online presence through the Monaco-based fashion marketplace Porterium. I love designing dresses! It's my passion, and I love working with clients who are just as passionate about their wedding day as I am about designing their dress. As the designer, I get to work on all kinds of different projects—from Creating designs from scratch to customizing an existing style.It's so rewarding. when you see your client wearing Kel in UA down the aisle or on the red carpet. dress!

VMM: What do your dresses stand out for?

We make sure we're always staying on top of trends so that our designs are relevant for today's woman, no matter what her style might be. And we're proud of our company culture and how much it values diversity: We have clients among which Hollywood celebrities from around the world, including Los Angeles Angeles, Dubai, Monaco, Paris, and London, among others! We are known for our corset dresses, which allow you to achieve the perfect fit.

VMM: How has the situation changed for Kel in the UA since you are based there?

We have closed our boutique in Kyiv but kept it in Dnipro. We are currently presented at the Tutus shop in Dubai's Nakheel Mall, selling in Los Angeles at Attick Concept store. We appreciate the importance of growing our international brand awareness. and expanding online. We have been selected for exclusive inclusion in the Porterium Fashion Marketplace from Monaco, which will give us access to luxury markets around the world.

VMM: Elena, is KEL IN UA only pre-a-porter or can you design bespoke items? dresses?

We design dresses for evening and special occasions on a special corset system. Our dresses are embellished with crystals and other luxury materials for a glamorous night out.

We also offer made-to-measure dresses, which can be customized by contacting us directly.

VMM: We've seen a lot of talented Ukrainian designers recently making their mark on the global fashion scene. What can you tell us about Ukrainian brands?

Indeed, the Made-in-Ukraine Movement is a fashion revolution that sets high standards for Ukrainian fashion and reflects on the cultural richness of the country. Ukrainian fashion is about the quality of clothing and the creativity of designers, and the ability to send important messages through clothing. We have We are not competitors; we are colleagues who together create Ukrainian fashion. Even In difficult times, we want to show the world what we can do.

VMM: Thank you for sharing your time and creativity with us. We hope to see Your dresses are worn across the globe by elegant women.

Thank you

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