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TRH Prince and Princess of Georgia

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Juan and Princess Kristine de Bagration share with the readers their story and the fascinating history of Georgia, unveiling in the following pages their many development projects and philanthropic engagements. His Royal Highness Prince Juan de Bagration-Mukhrani of Georgia descends from several European royal houses, namely the Spanish Borbon royal dynasty, the Austrian Habsburg Imperial dynasty and the German-Bavarian Wittlesbach royal dynasty. Thus H.R.H. Prince Juan is a descendant of two royal dynasties of the two ancient Iberias (modern-day Georgia and Spain), respectively the House of Bagration and the House of Borbón (the royal house of the Kingdom of Spain).

MM: Please could You elaborate on the history of the Bagrationi royal dynasty, and how is the royal line de Bagration-Mukhrani related to the two Iberias?

His Royal Highness Prince Juan de Bagration: The Bagration royal dynasty represents the royal family of the country of Georgia. In ancient times, Georgia was called Iberia. Thus there are two Iberias, Eastern Iberia, which is modern-day Georgia and Western Iberia, which is the Kingdom of Spain. The Bagration dynasty of Georgia is Europe’s oldest royal family and the second oldest royal dynasty in the World after the Japanese Imperial family. According to history, the Bagration royal dynasty descends from King David of Israel. Bagrations have been ruling since the sixth century and were known as “Kings of the Kartvels” (Georgians) of the Kingdom of Georgia since the ninth century.

As members of the branch of the Parnavazians, their history began in the fourth century B.C. The current Bagration royal family ruled Georgia from the 9th century until the beginning of the 19th century, ruling uninterruptedly for a period of more than ten centuries.

The Royal Lineage

H.R.H. Prince Juan Bagration-Mukhrani of Georgia is the son of H.R.H. Prince Bagrat Bagration-Mukhrani de Baviera and H.R.H. Princess Carmen de Ulloa y Suelves. Grandson of H.R.H. Prince Irakli Bagration-Mukhrani and H.R.H. Princess Maria de las Mercedes Baviera y de Borbon, Infanta of Spain. The great-grandson of Louis-Ferdinand Prince of Bavaria and Maria de la Paz Princess of Spain; The great-great-grandson of Alfonso XII King of Spain and Marie-Christine Habsburg Archduchess of Austria. Prince Juan is cousin of King Felipe VI of Spain. King Alfonso XIII of Spain, the great-grandfather of current King Felipe VI was the brother of Princess Maria-Teresa of Spain, who was the great-grandmother of Prince Juan. Through his Georgian grandfather Prince Irakli, he is related to the Russian imperial family of Romanov. Princess Leonida Bagration-Mukhrani of Georgia, who was the sister of Prince Irakli, married the Grand Duke of Russia Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov, head of the Russian Imperial house.

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