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Trend in fashion, Shama Shoes and Casadei fall23 presented in Milan

Quality and style take a front seat at Shama Shoes. 

A Ukrainian women's footwear brand founded in 2018, this Italian-made, handcrafted shoe is designed with you in mind. The top quality materials are sourced from all over the world for their soft feel, durability, and eye-catching look.

SHAMA SHOES Image by award winning photographer

Satisfaction on a million dollar look.  Luxurious designs fuses comfort and beauty to perfection. All by SHAMA SHOES @shama_shoes

VMM: Shama aims to provide women with the products they want and deserve, a perfect pair of

heels that will make you stand out from others at any event or occasion. What makes Shama so


SHAMA: We have chosen a rather narrow niche - the production of exquisite, luxury women's shoes for special moments. Our brand's philosophy is about creating luxury shoes that are both beautiful and affordable. A shoe that is both luxurious and comfortable, making it a perfect complement for a

festive look.

Creating our collections, we understand that women want more than just a pretty pair of shoes— they

want stilettos that are comfortable enough to wear all day without feeling tired or sore. That is why we create our collections by focusing on creating shoes that emphasize the beauty and grace of women's

feet, as well as ones that are designed to be worn from morning till night on perfect pads. It's all

about changing the vision of comfort!

VMM: Exclusively made in the world's top-end factory of Florence, Italy, where some of the world’s leading luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zimmerman, Manolo Blahnik

are produced. How do you feel about it? 

SHAMA:  Italy has been a leader in shoe fashion for centuries. It is quite symbolic that this country on

the map has the shape of a woman's boot. We can say with confidence that Italian shoes conquered the world, and Italian craftsmen for many centuries have been perfecting their production secret passed down from generation to generation. That's why we sought to work with an Italian factory. We need to work with high quality and customer satisfaction guarantee in mind. In 2022, we launched a premium line of Italian-made women's shoes sewn in Florence at a factory with a great history and traditions. The result was our Shine collection.

VMM: Finding the perfect pair of heels can be a challenge, and you aim to deliver the solution. How

do you come up with an idea of offering gold standard comfort, superior fit, quality and style at

such an attractive price?

We wanted to make shoes that are in no way inferior to the world's fashion brands in terms of quality, design and style--but at a price that most people could afford. And it seems we have succeeded!

VMM: Shama shoes are worn by most Ukrainian actresses. A symbol of femininity and beauty, Shama reflects a supreme combination of style and comfort.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

SHAMA: We create shoes for the discerning shopper. Each shoe is hand-made with the finest materials

and craftsmanship. Our greatest inspiration is to see our customers' eyes light up at the sight of our

shoes - it is very motivating and gives us an impetus to create new models based on the latest fashion


VMM: We wish you success in your journey and see your brand on Porterium Fashion Marketplace from


Casadei fall23 presented in Milan

A sinuous vinyl strappy sandal that hugs the instep, giving a light bondage effect while exuding extreme femininity.

The Casadei lexicon arises from the uninterrupted dialogue between Cesare Casadei’s creativity and

the female world. It is a conversation made up of continuous observation and a love for beauty, which

guides the gentle but inexorable engineering of building a shoe or a bag: objects of perfect design

conceived to respond to a precise function, but also expressions of a way of being. Each collection

defines a kaleidoscope of attitudes, finding its coherence in plurality, as well as in the absoluteness of

the shapes expressed through the research of materials. The balance of the different components is

resolved in a sign that is unequivocal: clean and subtly seductive.

This season the sense of plurality is particularly accentuated. It arises from the response to the

fragmentation of the contemporary world, from the certainty that never before has identity been

expressed in such a multifaceted, swirling, non-univocal way. There are no more barriers, of use and

occasion, and not even of generations. Today every woman can decide to look what she wants and

when she wants it; she can explore different aspects of her personality at different times and

occasions of the same day, and always be herself.

The collection follows this prismatic flow. The ultra-thin heels and strong silhouettes of Rachel or the

asymmetrical Melodie t-bar, as well as the bold and pointed shapes of Superblade and Ultravox

are thus contrasted by the affirmative commando soles of Generation C, or the tubular volumes,

amplified by the use of cruelty free fur, of Yeti.

The chunky-heeled Cleo boots have a yè-yè quirk to them, while the Anastasia craquelè booties

play with the balance of volumes by transfiguring the classic Texan stye. Casadei is naturally

synonymous with elegant sensuality, with shoes as an instrument of seduction.

Here too the expressive range is wide, and ranges from the hymn to the sinuous lines of Divina, the

new pump, all curves and points, to the elongated thirties hints of Geraldine, from the play of solids

and voids of Galaxy to the retro futurist purity of Elodie, with acidized effects that liquefy the sculpted

heel in haloes of digital allure. The bejeweled shoe, another must, is luminous and sidereal in the

flashes of Stratosphere, or is touched with wild elements such as the multicolor Mongolian fur of

Annabel or the fur buckle combined with craquelè leather of Aria.

Small handbags or shoulder and bucket bags give further roundness to the variety of feminine

expressions. It’s the details that set the tone: metal handles, crystal pavé, chain links like a logo in

contrast with leather. An expanded, ever-evolving lexicon keeps being defined.

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