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The Woman of the Universe Middle East beauty contest

Alyona Kononenko, a talented and beauty contests in Ukraine, appeared on versatile artist, has been crowned the winner of the Woman of the Universe Middle East beauty contest in the UAE

Centre and below images of Alyona Kononenko, the Woman of the Universe Middle East

Born in Ukraine’s city of Poltava, Kononenko moved to the UAE at a young age, where she began her modelling career in childhood.

Starting with dance, vocals, and theatre, Kononenko pursued a diverse array of artistic interests from a young age. She studied at the School of Arts at the age of five and later graduated with a gold medal from Pedagogical University, specialising in speech therapy, defectology, and psychology. She even defended scientific work while signing a contract with a modelling agency.

Kononenko’s modelling career quickly took off, as she participated in numerous television and magazine covers, acted in films, and even became a member of the Grail singing group. She also volunteered in Nepal, climbed Mount Everest, and sky- dived seven times in Dubai. Kononenko’s interests extended beyond physical pur- suits as well, with yoga and meditation featuring prominently in her life.

Kononenko’s diverse skillset and talents were on full display during the Woman of the Universe Middle East beauty contest, where she emerged victorious. Her message to women around the world is to believe in themselves and chase their dreams, as she has done throughout her career. The success of Kononenko portrays the value of perseverance and hard work.

*wearing Mona Al Mansoori Designer dresses

*photography credits- Al Andalus studio - Mr karim

*Organised by : Mrs Beauty- Veronika Huseynli


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