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The remarkable restoration of the Horta House in Bruxelles by Dr. Pick Keobandith

In the centre of Brussels, hidden in plain view, stands the Horta House.

On each side rise modern, efficient buildings products of recent rapid economic expansion and a rather haphazard take on city planning, a narrow definition of “progress” that has since been enlarged.

As such it provides a poignant, albeit unintentional metaphor, an opposition of extremes: fluid organic art versus edgy urban constructions in which shadows it is wedged, a speck of humanity in the cogs of the towering machines all around.

Winter garden Art Noveau style architecture of the Museum.

The Horta House interrogates the future: What are the values we would like to promote in the next round of evolution?

To answer this question the present owner, Madame Nupur Tron, has undertaken to unearth the past, not just to conserve its material remnants but to uncover the values, thought processes, artistry, techniques, and human creativity that went in to crafting it. In their lie its legacy and relevance for generations to come.

The present owner, Madame Nupur Tron

As the pristine frescoes are painstakingly being liberated from layers of oblivion and neglect, the precious exotic woods and unique metal works revived, the scattered customized furniture traced, returned, and restored, as all this happens in compliance with the National Trust’s stringent requirements, the Horta House springs to life, gaining a second life at least as rich and compelling as its first but now in a completely different setting. A looking glass through the past into the future.

And so it is that the elaborate restoration work, drawing on skills from both forgotten and emerging crafts, are brought together, explained, and exposed for the public to see. More than just the result, this voyage is worth telling, of what goes into the restoration, the how’s and the why’s, because it reflects on us and our aspirations to construct better lives, societies and, indeed, a much more inclusive future.

As a haven of culture and creativity, living cultural expressions find their natural place in this fertile environment. After all, Art Nouveau of which the Horta House is one of Brussel’s most emblematic manifestations, is about nature, culture, and life and what better way of expressing this than to let living culture enter these begotten walls again.

The art nouveau elements in the house are extraordinary. Now it is back to its former glory there is still work to be done.

Concerts, recitals, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and venues from near and far, all in the spirit of the house, serve to build bridges between eras, cultures, and people, to promote understanding of the human arts, to bring people together.

The close kinship with oriental arts and schools of thought is apparent in the many decorative symbols that ornate the Horta House’s interiors. The Indian connection is obvious and builds on a shared fascination with nature and the quest for harmony with it as a source of spiritual force.

The Horta House is a living organ promoting the human arts, anchored in Art Nouveau, an era that is long gone, replaced and uprooted many times over but today with renewed relevancy as we seek a deeper meaning to our existence and harmony within.


Foundation Frison Horta is an Active Cultural Bridge Between East & West Restoring, Preserving and Sustaining Rich Art & Craft of the bygone era, in an Artistic Art-de-Vivre form. “Excellence in Craftsmanship and Métiers d’Art”. The Foundation Aims to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage & cultural traditions of the East particularly of Indian Sub-continent in Europe and vice versa.

Foundation Frison Horta is working Extensively in Restoring the image of Brussels with Art Nouveau as its national identity to a Global Audience. Maison Frison is the Only one-of-a-kind house of Victor Horta that was Constructed for Double Function Maurice Frison (Lawyer of the Court of Belgium) office and living space.

Foundation Frison Has Continued the double function of Horta with Foundation Museum activities and the living space making it a One of a kind in the world “A Living Museum” an Exceptional Unique Time capsule of 19th Century Total Art, Art Nouveau Gem of Victor Horta!

Foundation Frison Horta has become a global example as “A Living Museum" and how in the past 6 years, Nupur has restored this emblematic heritage singlehandedly. Now at its last phase of the restoration, hence public support is crucial to finish the restorations.

All the information is on their website to see all the work we are doing in restoring preserving and sharing this emblematic heritage.

They are now also working with younger generations Schools and universities to valorise heritage and Culture and bring the story of East and West through Culture to unite these worlds in a very polarised times.

Living room

Restoration works

2023 is the year of ART NOUVEAU in Europe and the frescos at the Maison Frison Horta are part of this Emblematic Heritage. Along with the facade which needs to be restored in order to offer its best to the region and it habitants! It is a collective asset of unifying for the inhabitants and a means of international influence for Belgium and Brussels.

There are 3 ways to support the Foundation By becoming Member: 1. Patron of Foundation 2. Friend of Foundation: 3. Admirers of Foundation:

The Foundation Frison Horta is also appealing for all our financial support in order to complete this final phase of restoration and return the frescos to their former beauty. All donations are Tax are Exempted 45%

Our readers are welcome to send donations by bank transfer to: Bank Details: Account Name: Fondation Frison Horta Bank Name: KBC BANK Account – BE 54 7350 4813 26 97 BIC :KREDBEBB

During restoration work.

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