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The Pininfarina Battista, the World’s Fastest Accelerating Car is All-Electric

The Pininfarina Battista is all- electric and can accelerate ‘faster than a Formula One car’

The supercar Pininfarina Battista is a hypercar that has just set some new world records. The car set this new record at the Dubai Autodrome. The Pininfarina Battista goes from 0-60mph in exactly just 1.79 seconds, making it the world’s fastest-accelerating street-legal car.

Even if run by Rimac battery system you could call this car “an Italian hypercar.”

To own one, you have to have money seriously. Only 150 units of this car were planned, and the starting price of the car is $2.25 million. Also, deliveries of the car have started.

About The Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Autodrome is an FIA-sanctioned racetrack located in the United Arab Emirates. This 3,349-mile, 17-turn circuit first opened in 2004 and is currently home to several; TCR and GT races.

A fun fact about the Dubai Autodrome is that it meets all the requirements to host a Formula 1 race. It never hosted an F1 race until now because there’s one in Abu Dhabi.

The performance of the Battista was due to its highly sophisticated launch control system, it made it possible for the Pininfarina Battista to beat the previous record by nearly a tenth of a second.

By now, you’re likely familiar with the Pininfarina Battista – a hyper-exclusive hypercar, wearing the moniker of a famous Italian coachbuilder, powered by a 1,874bhp EV drivetrain from the Croatian wonderkid at Rimac, pricey as a pair of houses and flirting with the limits of be-all, end-all pace. And if you weren’t familiar, then congratulations – you’re pretty much up to speed, metaphorically speaking. But to speak a little more literally, you’re absolutely not. We’ll explain.

Unless you’ve driven a Battista – or unless you are a fighter pilot or are genuinely Wile E. Coyote – you do not know what the transition from standstill to speed (and indeed back to standstill again) actually feels like.

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