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The International Investment Congress 2023 takes place in May 26-27 in Cannes

After the successful International Investment Congress held in Paris in 2022 in Hôtel de Crillon, the next Investment Fashion Forum at the XI session of the International Investment Congress 2023 will be held on May 26-27, 2023 under the flag of partnership with the Royal Gentlemen Club at the Hôtel Barriere Le Gray D'Albion. The organizers brought together government agencies, millionaire investors, patrons from 12 countries and top fashion designers.

The main mission of Congress 2023 and the Royal Gentlemen Club is the value of investments in the era of economic turbulence and mutual assistance. The opening of the congress will traditionally take place on May 26, 2023 at a press conference. Speakers and VIP guests will speak to news agencies and media: Stankevicius MGM, The American Reporter, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, The New York Journal, Digital Journal, Washington Morning, The Los Angeles Journal.

Liliya Tippetts, Founder of Porterium

Opening remarks from the organizer Anna Stukkert, CEO of the investment company Stukkert & Co, Mr. Thomas Misse.

“We have then decided to create Royal Gentlemen to spread our vision on the contemporary World and contribute to the influence of INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE on the People through our Events, Products and concierge Services Royal Gentlemen. In the strict tradition of the charity gala, The Dinner would be under the High Patronage of H.H Princess ANH BONAPARTE. And the funds raised will be donated to the Charity organization IRA France-Afrique.”- Mr. Thomas Misse.

Congress corporate executives are headquartered in Berlin with offices in Munich. The organizing team of the XI International Congress of Real Estate and Investment 2023 cordially thanks the Royal Gentlemen Club and its team and the governance for their trust. During the solemn Royal Gala Dinner, the host of the ceremony, Alina Kremss, will announce the winners for the annual CONGRESS AWARDS 2023.

This year, the prize will be awarded to the investment world for their contribution to the stabilization and maintenance of the world economy, politics and charity:

Congress Awards - Daisuke TARUTANI with Pierre Lescure, President of the Cannes International Film Festival

Mariya Spartalis is a financial influencer and expert in classical wealth management as well in crypto and blockchain assets. She is a top specialist and leading banker in Austria and Switzerland over 20 years and she is focused on collaboration with wealthy clients millionaires and billionaires around the globe who are interested in placing assets in Switzerland, Europe and the Middle East.

Anatoly Balchev – producer, film director, composer Feature film “Passenger from San Francisco” ,Winner of the “Asian World Film Festival” Certificate, Winner of the Jury prize on “SIFFA”, Available on “Amazon Prime” for the USA and UK territories

International Investment Congress Group is one of the leading companies engaged in the investment, development, and global club network. Founded in 2016 by Anna Stukkert, Congress current Chairman and CEO, the Group has sold more than 10000 club memberships and over US$120 million in real estate sales.

Anna Stukkert, CEO of the International investment Congress will be collaborating with Liliya Tippetts, Founder of Porterium. Porterium is a global marketplace for emerging Fashion, Arts & Design, featuring an exclusive network of fashion weeks and media to enhance international brand awareness. Along with this, Porterium is also working with influencers like Victoria Silvestedt, Sasha Ray, Audrey Bouette, Lana Scolaro, to name a few, known for their luxury brand knowledge, and strong social presence.

The Porterium is envisioned to be the next-generation luxury marketplace for brands, artists, and consumers. A unique hybrid online shopping platform that gives access to the freshest talents in fashion, design, and art fields. A digital platform allows up-and-coming brands to sell their latest collections to lofty customers. Bringing these together is how Porterium sets trends and empowers a new generation of artists to empower them in the competitive field.

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