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Sustainable Prospects & Business Opportunities - the 7th Edition of CC Forum Middle East

The mission of CC Forum is convening the top business leaders, policy makers and public figures and defining the relevant course of action to confront the existential challenges we are all facing today including climate change, fossil-fuel-based economies, overpopulation and poverty.

The CC Forum agenda is parallel to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, and being an investment conference which is 100% dedicated to investment in sustainability its topics centre around investing in Environment, Renewable Energies, Emerging Technologies, Healthcare, Education, Social Inclusion and Philanthropy connecting the brightest startups to the savviest of investors,

While CC Forum’s previous editions were held in London in October 2019 with a written royal greeting from HM Queen Elizabeth II, in Monaco in September 2020 under the High Patronage and with the participation of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and in Dubai in April 2021, ahead of the 7th edition of CC Forum London, Moralmoda Magazine talks to the Founder about the goals of the forthcoming CC Forum.

Left to right: Isabel Jiménez, Nick Bacigalupo, Global Humanitarian

Left to right: Melinda Woolf, Founder Future for Humanity Foundation, Richard Kollert, violinist, and Isabel Jiménez

Opening reception at Four Seasons Manama Bahrain

Left to right: Isabel Jiménez, HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Sultan Al Saud

Awards Giving Ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Manama, Bahrain

Left to right: Isabel Jiménez, Yewande Austin, Change International Founder and Singer

Yann Bernard LEJARD, Michelin-starred chef

Prior to the CC Forum Middle East, in Manama, Bahrain, Moralmoda has interviewed Max Studennikoff, Founder and Chief Executive of CC Forum, about prospects, challenges and business opportunities of investment in sustainable development, as the world is being recovering from the pandemic.

Liliya Tippetts: As the Founder and Chief Executive of CC Forum, can you please introduce the background to the CC Forum?

Max Studennikoff: CC Forum stands for Climate Change Forum. It is not just tied to climate change only, but it is related to impact investment, social inclusion, philanthropy, finance and so forth. I have been invited to speak at many forums and climate change conferences. And I realised five years ago that the world was lacking a global platform that deals with all the existential issues that are all facing today. In this respect we have always been perceived as an investment forum. Otherwise you could say that the CC Forum is a club of impact investors. It is a platform where they can brainstorm what steps need to be taken on the subject.

Max Studennikoff, Founder and Chief Executive of CC Forum

Step by step, two years ago at the CC Forum London edition which was totally dedicated to the emerging technologies, sustainability and sustainable development, we received a letter of greeting from Buckingham Palace on behalf of HM Queen Elisabeth II and we were officially authorized to use this for our state-of-the-art booklet alongside with her official photo, then Prince Albert picked up the torch so to speak and graciously bestowed his patronage to the next edition held in Monaco in 2020. So much so that not only did he attend the event, but also received me in person at a meeting at the Palace of Monaco, and this shows to all the extent to which we progressed a global platform. We are still very much in an embryonic state, but we have been succeeding in triggering off the investors' community's thinking in the right direction.

On stage in Bahrain: Yewande Austin, Change International Founder and Singer

L. T.: For your events held at the best locations between Monaco, Dubai and London, how do you identify different themes or topics for each region and destination or how is the programme organised?

Max Studennikoff: We are indeed in the top locations. All is incorporated into the vision of investment and sustainability. However the content differs depending on the location, I will just give a few examples. So, when we came to Dubai, apart from many topics that were shared across conferences, there were 2-3 that were specifically region oriented, such as potable water and real-estate, these were considered to be the Gulf related topics.

In the case of Monaco besides the frequent topics disused we have also highlighted and discussed the future of the car industry, which is a quintessential topic related to Monaco, and the Principality has always a been capital of showcasing the achievements in the naval industry as well.

These are two huge pillars that Monaco has been propping upon over the decades.

When it comes to London the variety of topics will be there, again, because London has been and still is despite the Brexit a global financial center of the world and one of the financial hubs of the world, so a lot of attention will be attached to the future of sustainable financing.

It really varies from location to location, but again, it is important to understand that it is all within the frame of sustainable investment and sustainable development.

L. T.: What would be the key areas and industries with sustainable investment in the sustainable future?

Max Studennikoff: It is so entangled and intertwined that it is really hard to single out the areas. But I would suggest that investment in the green energies is the area that is probably the foremost. It is a groundbreaking revolution, a once in a lifetime opportunity and it has been largely thanks to the extraordinary context of the pandemic. This new investors thinking has been triggered of in the right direction. That is certainly of paramount importance, if we want to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and preserve the planet livable for the future generations.

But again, it is all linked to areas adjectant to that. I would single out education, it remains hugely important to give our kids the ability to understand and be able to share the fundamental values and that we as a species and as a population understand as to what is sustainable and what is not. I have just pointed out energy sector, but there are so many sectors that are linked energy; like health care, as we know that our health and wellbeing is related to the health of the planet. A new era has come that should see of a new type of an entrepreneur emerge that would be more concerned with the environmental and social impact than just profit making, so gone are the days when we could do business as usual. It is really now or never. The sustainable mindset could be implemented across all sectors. It is hugely important to keep the momentum going both at the corporate level and the personal level. These two layers or two axes are supposed to meet in a unity, not only corporations have to share these principals, but also these seeds have to fall on the soil of personal rethinking of paradigm. Sometimes corporations consider these principles as a placebo, and if we instead talk about this complete and total personal rephrasing of the paradigm that would play even more important role. It should all come from within.

L. T.: You have crafted an intense and culturally enriched programme for guests to network and Monaco is surely the ideal place for such extensive programme what can we look forward to for your events in London and Dubai?

Max Studennikoff: The London edition is of huge importance to us, because we started from London and we now for various reasons could not hold any events in it for almost 2 years. We really attach great importance to this comeback. And it is important to emphasise that the CC Forum London has been seen widely as an investment precursor of the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference, hosted by the UK in partnership with Italy, will take place from 31 October to 12 November 2021 in the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow. Physical and recreation frameworks are important, but we have always seen us as an investment forum and the practicality of it has always been to unite the best and brightest investors. It is very important to ensure that time frame is right.

L. T.: Holding CC Forums without partners' support would probably be difficult. Who is backing your initiative?

Max Studennikoff: Indeed, holding each of our event calls for an enormous amount of strategic planning and operational work. It would be impossible todo so without the staunch support of our partners. I am pleased to announce that CC Forum has entered a long term partnership with the Neutrino Energy Group; as investment in the green energy transition is the focal point of the Forum's agenda. Developed by the group, neutrinovoltaic technology for generating electricity from ambient electromagnetic radiation, as well as energy fields, including neutrino and antineutrino energy, promises to be a driver for the development of distributed power generation and the phasing out of fossil fuels.

L. T.: What would be the companies to keep an eye on for high caliber investors?

Max Studennikoff: Two years ago we organised the forum in London alongside many other events for the House of Lords, including the black tie Gala Dinner and Award Giving ceremony. We will also be holding multiple VIP receptions and garden parties as well during the London event. There will be a lot of discussions and debate. It is also important that the VIP delegates have the opportunity of mixing and socialising, this is why it is not confined to the conference room only, we try and give them the opportunity to engage outside the conference room. It's really now or never, we should grasp the seriousness of the situation on this planet. I would say, and I am very far from being pessimistic here, on the contrary, the forum's mission and ethos are to highlight new projects and to bring the companies that can make the difference. I think it is a bit of a stick and carrot for investors here, we should be hugely aware of the potential consequences if we fail to reinstall sustainable practices. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: we are seeing the startups and mind-blowing ideas which can help us turn the ride. If we look at the philosophical side of it, the bulk of the problems that we have today stems form the fact that humanity has trodden the wrong track choosing the technology as the guiding light, but I am really convinced that it is paradoxical as it might seem, that it is down to technological breakthroughs to bootstrap mankind and the planet from the fine mess we are in today. More info on

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