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SUGA of 21st century pop icons BTS is the new Valentino brand ambassador


SUGA of 21st century pop icons BTS is the new Valentino brand ambassador, all images courtesy of Maison Valentino.

SUGA is a contemporary DI.VAs. DI.VAs is a wordplay, an acronym denoting Different Values. The Valentino DI.VAs are multifaceted character of codes, upheld by inner values. Empathetic, intelligent and romantic. For Pierpaolo Piccioli, DI.VAs is the essence of authenticity, progressive ideals and diversity that lead to change and convey the value of the Maison.

SUGA has created his own style as a rapper, songwriter, producer and performer, while being a member of the global pop icons BTS. His unique style and music world is a way to convey values that lead to a change. He is sometimes under the stage name of August D. has the capacity to express all the values of the brand and embodies the identity values of a generation he speaks for in his spontaneous and contemporary way.

'SUGA is a multifaceted artist; he is an interpreter and uses his talent and his work to express himself with energy and authenticity. He perfectly embodies everything that DI.VA.s testimonials stand for: diversity, inclusivity, creativity and passion. We are happy to have him aboard and I am sure that we will do a lot of beautiful things together.’

Creative Director, Pierpaolo Piccioli

'All individuals have different dreams and values. Maison Valentino and Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli have been supportive of diversity which is something that I also believe in. I am happy to be joining as DI.VAs and to collaborate on this amazing campaign with Maison Valentino Essentials.’


The artist will also be the face of the ‘MAISON VALENTINO ESSENTIALS’ campaign.

Maison Valentino Essentials is a quest for essence conducted within the perimeter of the masculine wardrobe and the elements that make up for it: an edit of pieces culled from the Valentino collections, streamlined to their design essence and organized into an expandable, ever-evolving system. Masculine codes are resignified in accord with the Couture spirit of the Maison.

‘MAISON VALENTINO ESSENTIALS’ is available starting from January 11th to 30th at the Maxfield POP-UP in LA, and online on

#ValentinoDiVas #MaisonValentinoEssentials

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