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Studio Jag Sihra - ARTISTRY OF SILK

A Beautiful Timepiece

Elegant. Beautiful. Bespoke. That's what @studio_jagsihra is,

scarves and silk accessories made with an endless imagination for

stories in mind—each piece is a true collectible that will be cherished

for generations, a perfect description of "an eye for beauty and a

heart for design."


The works were inspired by a prestigious design career in travel and are

hand-illustrated with expertly crafted silk pieces. Founded by Jag Sihra, a

Textile Artist & Designer from London who specialises in creating her own

drawings and paintings to develop botanical-inspired silk accessories such

as Scarves, Eye-masks, Robes and Resort-wear. The brand explores the

relationship between nature and art, creating exquisite pieces that are as

unique as the wearer.

Designer image

Her passion for perfection is matched by the precise craftsmanship and

enduring quality of carefully selected global artisanal manufacturing

partners. They embrace their continued commitment to developing a more

environmentally sustainable industry, and the shared dedication to

protecting the natural world, whose beauty is celebrated in her luxurious


Jag Sihra sources silk from established suppliers who ensure a vertical-

making process and specialise in small batch production or even made-to -

order pieces.

They endeavor to minimize their environmental footprint with water-based

silk dyes and recyclable packaging on all their beautiful gift boxes.

Jag Sihra’s work represents the antithesis of fast fashion.

You can now find this exclusive collection online of Porterium, Web3

Fashion and Design marketplace from Monaco.

Blossom Emerald Eye Mask Gift Set

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