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Spring Jewellery: Le Vian New Bee Positive Collection Is Creating a Buzz

Le Vian Bee Positive pendant with 1/10 cts. Chocolate Diamonds, 1/6 cts. Nude Diamonds set in 14K Honey Gold.

Le Vian announced Positivity as its leading sentiment of the year that will drive jewelry sales in 2022.

As part of its Positivity trend it has launched the Bee Positive collection, with exclusive styles sold at Jared, Kay, Macy's, independent jewelers and thousands of trunk shows around the United States.

As the collections have continued to sell out, for Mother's Day, Le Vian has now expanded the reach of the collection, including making the Bee Positive necklaces available in over 1000 locations in the US.

”Bees are known for their teamwork, building hives that depend on their hard work and unity of purpose. Bees also symbolize rebirth, being an essential part of our ecosystem with their pollination role. As such, Le Vian not only salutes the bees as a symbol of positivity and rebirth but would like to highlight their selflessness and teamwork in a world where humans are ever more divided," says Le Vian CEO Eddie LeVian.

Like the queen bee herself, the pieces, with their bright colors and intricate designs, combining Honey Gold and Chocolate, Nude and Blackberry Diamonds, Cinnamon Citrines and even enamel work, stand out and demand attention.

The Bee Positive collection has already stolen the hearts of jewelry lovers attracted by the buzz it has created. The Bee Positive necklace recently scooped the 2022 Centurion Excellence in Design Award for Casual Fashion under $1500. Meanwhile, Le Vian salespeople have been welcoming an extraordinarily high number of requests from Le Vian fans eager to add a Bee Positive piece to their everyday jewelry collection.

Le Vian and charity

In conjunction with the Bee Positive collection, Le Vian will be donating $20 from the sale of each Bee Positive piece to the Bees Without Borders charity founded by New York City beekeeper Andrew Coté, which aims to grow the number of beekeepers in impoverished areas, providing new sources of income from honey production. As part of the launch of its Bee Positive campaign this week, the Le Vian social team joined the Bees Without Borders team live as they released 3 million bees in New York City to highlight the plight of bees and the special, important role that bees play.

Ethically sourced gold

In Le Vian's captivating Bee Positive collection, Le Vian's high quality, ethically sourced Honey Gold and natural diamonds come together like worker bees to create exquisite and unique pieces. The details such as the Le Vian Bee Positive Heart of Gold and lifelike finishes of each piece reflect the time and care that Le Vian gives to each collection, piece of jewelry and individual diamond.

Le Vian has a well established reputation as one of the leading fine jewelry brands in the US, UK, Canada, Caribbean, Australia, Israel and aboard cruise ships across the globe, known for its legacy, originality, value and everlasting guarantees.

While Le Vian is well-known as the world's pre-eminent forecaster of fine jewelry trends, collaborating with fashion editors to show how jewelry and fashion trends come together, and while Le Vian is also known for its cadre of A list celebrity wearers, while holding true to its value of authenticity and never paying celebrities to wears its creations, the company's mission remains to democratize luxury and make high quality, original luxury and ethical jewelry designs accessible for everyone.

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