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Richie Rich, Fashion Designer to the Stars New Collection

By Jules Lavallee

Richie Rich is an American fashion designer, television personality, figure skater, singer, actor and author. During the 1990s, he was part of the original group of New York City dance club personalities named Club Kids. He has launched a new collection that will take the world by storm.

Designer surrounded by friends at LA Fashion Week.

All images by Otis NY.

Jules: 2022 has been a whirlwind for you Richie. Tell us about your amazing life.

Richie Rich: 2022 has been a fun whirlwind and Life experience as always, knowing why you're doing what you love! To me, fashion is not only a necessity it's also an escapism to inspire, just like a favorite song or Netflix series! I've encountered so many people I haven't been able to see and catch up with artistically and spiritually.

Jules: Is everyone a Star?

Richie Rich: One of my favorite mottos is "Everybody is a Star!" Which I truly believe, we all have some Unicorn DNA in us we just have to tap into it! There's room enough for Everyone if you're a good person, go for your dreams and believe in yourself!

Jules: You are developing a new fashion brand. What can we expect?

Right now I'm super duper excited to focus on a new collection(s), I Love Beauty and Fashion I'm creating through the Runways, Gallery Shows, collaborations full of the Glitter Magic in the Orbit that I thrive on! I've always been Inclusive to Everyone with no real gender labels, I've lived like that my entire existence!

Richie Rich: How excited are you to showcase your new designs at NY and LA Fashion Week?

I'm always over the moon and to the stars whenever I do a Runway Show! I've shown around the world where there's excitement wherever I go because we all want the same vibes....


Jules: Is there synergy between music and fashion?

Richie Rich: The synergy of the relationship with Fashion and Music go together without a doubt they compliment each other, I mean who wants a quiet Fashion Show?!!!

Jules: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Richie Rich: Inspiration when it comes to my collections first always have a beginning, a middle and a finale... I envision my Muses as shy introverts that become the Stars of the Ball! Inspiration can come from anywhere! It's always a surprise!

Jules: Do you feel that this is the greatest time of your life creatively?

Richie Rich: At this time of my life I'm living the Dream to inspire and I feel very fortunate to have that excitement and wide eyed curiosity I never take for granted! I'm designing Beauty, Fashion, writing a book and I'm going to do costumes for a movie! Once again, they All go hand in hand!


Everybody is a Star!!!!

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