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Riccardo Canella, Executive Chef of the Iconic Hotel Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel, Venice

Chef Riccardo Canella born in 1985 in Padua manages all restaurants of the Hotel Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel, Venice, after working as sous chef of the at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Noma in Copenagen - another famous harbour city.

Hotel Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel, Venice ©mattiaaquilaphotography

After taking the reins of Oro at Hotel Cipriani, Chef Riccardo has deepening its connection with its surroundings and creating seasonal menus that celebrate the wealth of local and regional producers. After gaining experience alongside some of the world's greatest masters such as Gualtiero Marchesi, Fabrizio Molteni and Massimiliano Alajmo.

What attracts you to La Serenissima?

Venice is a city where you can surround yourself with beauty, history, and richness and a magical atmosphere that make it so unique and incomparable to any other city. When you are in Venice, you are surrounded by the world.

Coming from historically significant Padua, what personal and important events led to your career path?

Understanding where I am from gave me the consciousness to know where I wanted to go without forgetting the heritage and history of our culture. I spent my childhood cooking with my grandmother. I learned about produce from her; she was a very important inspiration for me.

Riccardo Canella. All images ©PA Jorgensen

"Understanding where I am coming from gave me the consciousness to know where I want to go without forgetting the heritage and history of our culture. Because Venice is a city surrounded by the world and this is an opportunity to create something unique and magical." - Riccardo Canella

Prior to your appointment at the Hotel Cipriani, you have spent many years as sous chef of the acclaimed Noma in Copenhagen. What is your impression of Danish pastry?

I would say all the Danish bakery traditions regarding bread and pastries go a long way back, and while I was there, the focus on gastronomy in the city brought to life so many new bread and pastry shops all over the city.

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How important are the coastal environment and the ingredients in your cooking?

Every single ingredient that we can find is extremely important; obviously, water plays a huge role in our approach to thinking and cooking. I have a few fishermen with whom I speak daily to make sure I get the freshest fish from the Adriatic every day. We are lucky to be surrounded by water.

What inspires you to focus on authenticity as well as sustainability in fine gastronomy?

I will always be true to my values, expressing what's around me with deep lightness. I will always get inspired by what is around me and see the beauty everywhere.

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