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Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry with Web3 Marketplace and NFT branded Stores

10 of July important fashion influencers and top media were invited to the special brunch in hotel Fairmont Monte-Carlo. In collaboration with the new luxury place - Hair Spa & Beauty GLAM Monte Carlo & CJL the first Web3 Fashion online Marketplace based in Monaco - Porterium showed that shopping can be a unique experience in the world of modern technologies.


After french breakfast with fresh fruits and croissants guests discussed about style and listened to fashion expert - top celebrity stylist Nouf Kabbani. Content creators and influencers Martika, Laura Marra, Patricia Gloria Contreras, Olga Lavric, Julia B., Antoniya Toneva and Alina Dyachenko, among few joined the special branch and enjoyed a friendly atmosphere.

Official launching of Porterium with a speech of the founder Liliya Tippetts was a bright moment of the event. After the friendly brunch guests had a tour in the new spacious GLAM Monte Carlo & CJL in the famous hotel Fairmont Monte-Carlo, where they discovered expertise ranges from traditional beauty services going over into collaboration with medical doctors to find best personalized treatments.

All guests received beauty certificates from Glam Montecarlo and gifts from Porterium brands Etape, Wood Belt, Victoria Silvstedt X Marli Dresses collection.

©Kateryna Voroniuk

Porterium, the pioneering Web3 marketplace for Fashion, Art, and Design, is empowering emerging fashion brands to accelerate their international business growth. With a global reach and a mission to make fashion accessible worldwide, Porterium is bridging the gap between fashion meccas and creating a vibrant community of fashion-forward consumers.

What sets Porterium apart is its innovative approach to NFT stores. The fashion shopping platform offers 888 unique Porterium NFT stores for carefully curated international independent fashion brands that will appreciate in value over time, benefiting the associated brands.

Alina Dyachenko & Liliya Tippetts

"We believe in shaping the future of fashion by providing a platform for emerging designers and fashion lovers to connect and and grow Porterium eco system" said Liliya Tippetts, Founder of Porterium. "With our traditional marketplace, NFT stores, and immersive metaverse, we are revolutionizing the fashion industry and creating unique shopping experience for customers"

Porterium collaborates with industry leaders and influencers like Victoria Silvstedt (whose exclusive capsule collection “Wild Life” for Marli Dresses will be also available at Porterium), Sasha Ray, Alina Dyachenko, Gessika Kayane, Lana Scolaro, Rymooshka among others, renowned for their expertise in luxury brands. These collaborations enhance the credibility and desirability of the brands represented on the platform. By partnering with industry experts, Porterium ensures that customers have access to the most sought-after and high-quality fashion goods created with sustainable approach.

It will offer a 360 degree engaging shopping experience blending the traditional fashion marketplace with immersive Porterium metaverse experience aimed to also host metaverse fashion shows, art exhibitions and much more. This innovative concept redefines the way customers engage with fashion, allowing them to explore and discover new styles and trends in a virtual environment.

Experience the Porterium difference and join the movement towards a new era of style, creativity, and endless novelties. Shop online without price tag compromise

GLAM Monte Carlo & CJL is a new luxury destination hair Spa & Beauty in Monaco. The team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

At GLAM Monte Carlo & CJL every client is unique. That's why the beauty space offers a personalized beauty concept that encompasses a 360-degree approach to beauty. From hair to toe, GLAM Monte Carlo & CJL strives to provide the best solutions for clients' needs.

The range of services includes traditional beauty treatments as well as collaborations with medical doctors to offer personalized and innovative treatments. The team believes in enhancing clients' natural beauty and creating a luxurious and relaxing environment where they can indulge in a range of beauty treatments.

At GLAM Monte Carlo & CJL, your satisfaction is utmost priority of the team. Professionals strive to provide an unforgettable experience for each and every client.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact salon GLAM - Carol Joy, 12, Avenue des Spelugues Fairmont Monte-Carlo 98000 Monaco. Tel: +377 9330 8021

@_porterium - Online fashion shopping platform out of Monaco with the global outreach.

@glam_medispa & @glam_monte_carlo - CJL Salon Fairmont: Beauty gift vouchers for luxurious treatments.


@woodbelteu - Stylish wood belts that make a sustainable statement.

@etape__maison - Elegant leather coin holders made in Ukraine

@marlidresses and @victoriasilvstedt Collection: Fashion-forward clothing pieces from Monaco.

Jewelry line from @yenamonaco by @itslauramarra

Photos by Kateryna Voroniuk

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