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Rami Kadi launches NFT - first

Dubai - Rami Kadi Maison de Couture launches 🚀 the first human-computer #couture collaboration-

Left to right: Liliya Tippetts and Rami Kadi, host at his haute couture presentation in Paris last week

NFT collection event launch took place after Rami Kadi’s presentation during Paris Haute Couture week. The founder and creative director, Mr UN Goodwill Ambassador Rami Kadi hosted artists, investors and celebrity friends at

Theater of Digital Art- Toda Madinat Jumeirah, upscale resort area of Dubai.

Left to right: Isable Jiménez and Rami Kadi, host at his NFT launch in Dubai

Starting from 2.2.2022, 120 NFTS of Rami Kadi “Lucid Algorithms” are available for sale on #nft #dubai #uae #RamiKadi #RamiKadiNFT #art #hautecouture #pfw #lebanon #beirut

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