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Rami Al Ali unveils spring/summer 2022 couture collection

Rami Al Ali's spring/summer 2022 couture collection pays homage to the dawn of spring. The enchanting line up totals 22 unique looks that explore the beauty of landscapes as they evolvefrom one season to another.

Manifesting new beginnings, we see fauna bloom and the grey fields of winter transition to a lighter more vibrant mood. Warm beams of light filterthrough the trees while the mist rising from melting frost subsides in the morning sun. Capturing this essence, Al Ali uses his craft to showcase the beauty of this seasonal shift. A mystical tone embodies the collection with delicate yet beautifully structured shapes. f

Modern forms perfectly highlight sculptural and tactile tailoring synonymous with the house. Honing his technical ability once more, Al Ali seamless illustrates a structural shift, transitioning from moulded to fluid in one effortless design. Silhouettes dance between sleek cylinder forms to voluminous multi-layer skirts.

A sensibility is felt through the incorporation ofdraped tapestries. Delicate fabrics including muslin, tulle, satin, silk and organza bring lightness to the collection. While soft transparencies are given a frost-like effect through the inclusion of crystals.Their scale is grand but detailed, using intricate beads in geometric patterns to give the illusion they are melting off the gowns.

Now part of the houses broad and varied narrative, craftsmanship defines traditional handwork and elegantly blends two distinctive stories into one, further showcasing the houses classic yet contemporary appeal.

Unique designs exuding modernity and classic style stand out against a muted palette of pastels. Mintgreens, citron yellow, pale rose and icy blues arethoughtfully interspersed with black to provide a level of depth and a moody undertone.

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