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Pasquale Bruni expands its most iconic collection "Giardini Segreti"

Emotions through jewelry Exclusivity, passion, and Italian know-how. These are the keywords that have defined the Pasquale Bruni brand since 1967. As one of the leaders of the Italian high end jewelry industry, the Maison expands its most iconic collections Giardini Segreti....

Giardini Segreti now boasts new, innovative, and ethereal creations.

Each piece is unique and tells a story steeped in meaning. Creative depth is the distinctive trait of Eugenia Bruni, the brand’s creative director whose passion for capturing nature’s true essence drives her on a continued quest to find those inspirational elements at the heart of Pasquale Bruni’s ever innovative creations. Shapes that envelop and seduce. Every piece stirs deep emotions that possess anyone wearing Pasquale Bruni.

The brand has long combined the best of the Italian goldsmith heritage with cutting-edge designs to produce jewelry that is ready to wear, enjoy, and pass down as an heirloom. Once more, Pasquale Bruni introduces brand-new jewels to its collections that celebrate the brand's commitment to craftsmanship. Jewelry worn on the skin that accentuates femininity and reflects a woman's attractiveness. A carefully chosen assortment of jewels and hues that exude a soft and distinctive intensity.

The Gardens collection encompasses the energy of a place where the soul resides and where nature, art and beauty meet in a captivating escalation. New jewelry creations are inspired by the garden as a place to symbolize rebirth, evolution, and liberation. Butterfly shapes are incorporated in the new creations, to represent the symbol of hope, courage, and elegance unfurls her wings on the collier and a bracelet with a leaf-adorned latch. It also symbolizes women’s intrinsic energy, a duality between body and soul.

Giardini Segreti has always been a collection tied to nature’s mutations and today, Pasquale Bruni introduces dance – specifically Flamenco – the deepest expression of movement and evolution of shape. Joy, rebellion, and a celebration of women’s emotions. The dance’s rhythm exemplifies freedom of movement and of the body. It symbolizes character, passion, and femininity – a trait shared by all Maison creations. The Flamenco Ring is a pairing: Fingers separated by a Ying and Yang that can be split up, and a clash that recreatesthe sound of castanets.

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