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Paris Print fair

The Couvent des Cordeliers refectory, in the center of the Latin Quarter, will host the Paris Print Fair from March 23 to 26, 2023, following the success of its inaugural iteration last year.

Galerie Seydoux. Charles Dufresne A-la-Guadeloupe, 1938

Twenty exhibitors, associate members of the Chambre Syndicale de l'Estampe, du Dessin et du Tableau (CSEDT), who have chosen their most stunning prints, will participate in this new iteration.

The Paris Print Fair, which is held concurrently with the Paris Drawing Week, provides a small-scale fair setting where both newcomers and art enthusiasts can take the time to converse and enjoy the artwork on display. The exhibitors of this very specialised event will present works from different art schools and art movements, from the first great masters of printmaking - Dürer, Rembrandt, etc. - to modern artists such as Goya or Picasso, and contemporary artists.

Galerie Arenthon - In association with the Galerie de l’Institut, formerly the Bouquinerie de l’Institut,Arenthon specializes in prints, posters and modern illustrated books. It offers original works by great 20th-century artists.

Several galleries, including Sarah Sauvin, Xavier Seydoux, Emanuel Von Baeyer, Martinez D., the Barcelona gallery Palau Antiguitats and the Frankfurt gallery Helmut H.Rumbler will offer a selection of works by great and little masters from the 14th tothe 20th century. Christian Collin and the Bei der Oper gallery will exhibit works fromvarious Japanese schools, prints and etchings from the Edo period and the Osakaschool. Visitors will be able to discover lithographs and woodcuts from the Bretonschool of the 19th and 20th centuries on Stéphane Brugal’s stand. Grillon, for theirpart, will focus on more modern artists such as Pierre Alechinsky or Victor Vasarely.Finally, contemporary creation will be represented by several exhibitors including Le-long Editions as well as Nathalie Béreau, who will also exhibit young artists.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn-Chaumiere, pres d’un canal avec vue sur la ville d'Ouderkerk 1641. By REMBRANDT HARMENSZOON VAN RIJN (1606 - 1669) Gallery

The Paris Print Fair is a gathering place for art dealers, collectors and institutions,where exhibitors are both vessels of knowledge and interpreters of a narrative. It is a fair that aims to highlight the importance of printmaking in its function of spreading images over the centuries, illustrating the memories of civilizations from all over the world and giving us access to works by key artists from the 15th to the 20th century.

Aria 09 A print of Fabienne Verdier (

Pierre Soulages, Lithographie N26-1969. Le Coin des Arts | Original prints, lithograph, Paris

Christian Collin, president of the Chambre Syndicale de l’Estampe, du Dessin et du Tableau, said "The Paris Print Fair, the first event dedicated to printmaking in its uniqueness, succeeds the Salon de l’Estampe et du Dessin, held for the last time in 2016. The CSED Thad already instilled a new dynamic in this specific art branch by creating the Se-maine des Galeries Parisiennes de l’Estampe et du Dessin in 2018, making the Paris Print Fair the must-attend annual event fully dedicated to this practice for specialists and the general public."

Albert Dürer, The Men's Bath-circa1496/97. By Helmut H. Rumbler gallery - CSEDT

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