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Paris: Aida Bergsen New High Jewelley collection

Aida Bergsen High Jewellery Copyright © Favori

Having been influenced by some of the most diverse civilizations in its history, Istanbul inevitably forms of a truly breath taking cultural and social mosaic from which Aida Bergsen draws endless inspiration.

In particular the archaeological history and it’s roots to Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods and their multi-ethnic ways of living.

Aida Bergsen High Jewellery Achillea Field Ring. Copyright © Favori

Form-based and figurative, the World of Aida Bergsen is disctinct with a play of light and shadow reflecting not only her traditional sculpting discipline but also her conceptual approach.

Aida Bergsen initiates her design process from her own private myths and carefully transforms them into public dreams. Renowned as ”wearable sculptures”, the collections hold traces of legends of gods and goddesses and the mysteries behind flora and fauna symbolism.

Aida Bergsen High Jewellery green Garnet Convolvolus Ring. Copyright © Favori

Aida Bergsen High Jewellery Belle Ivy Earrings. Copyright © Favori

Aida Bergsen High Jewellery Convolvolus Opal Salamander Shoulderpiece. Copyright © Favori

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