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Oetker Collection Marks Easter With Guerlain

To celebrate Easter 2022, The Woodward's talented Head Pastry Chef, Titouan Claudet, has drawn inspiration from La Maison Guerlain’s glamorous eau de toilette. Original and delectable, the chef’s chocolate egg creation takes on the elegant shape of the house’s Aqua Allegoria bottle.

Inspired by the famous Vendôme column in Paris with its chiselled honeycomb dome topped by a metallic gold sphere, the bottle is itself a modern version of the iconic Guerlain bee bottle designed in 1853.

The Pastry Chef's refined skills are the perfect echo to the creative spirit of La Maison Guerlain, whose joyful eau de toilette collection pays tribute to nature and its beautiful raw materials for moments of true pleasure. Titouan Claudet has created a delicate work of art made of grand cru chocolate from wild Criollo cacao beans sourced in Beni, Bolivia. Standing on a square pedestal of chocolate with fleur de sel, the egg is filled with caramelised hazelnuts and salted butter caramel, revealing infinitely decadent flavours in the spirit of chocolate mendiants.

This limited-edition creation will be available exclusively by order from 10 to 18 April at CHF 98 each, to be picked up on site. Reservations at +41 22 901 37 00.

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