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“Will we still have Paris?” NFT By Shalini Passi

“Will we still have Paris?” is NFT launch by Shalini Passi, based in New DelhI and available on

“Deriving from the famous lines of the 1942 classic film ‘Casablanca,’ “We'll always have Paris;” here I am questioning the existing man-made structures and the architecture by commenting on the relationship between the planet and man-made creations; their fragility and temporality against nature.”

- Shalini Passi

Shalini Passi is the founder of SPAF and MASH. She is an Indian art & design collector; patron; philanthropist; advisor and artist based in New Delhi.

Passi so far has had her solo art exhibitions titled “Through my Eyes” at the Visual Arts Gallery, New Delhi, online photograph exhibitions “Forever Delhi”: a series of black & white photographs captured in 2020; as a fund-raiser for the COVID 19 relief fund and “Seen Unseen Ladakh”: a series photographs shot on Leica camera, on the digital platform of MASH.

She as well had participated in a group exhibition “Poetry of Lived Spaces” along with a couple of other shows.

A keen art enthusiast, Shalini dwells across various artistic mediums where photography stands out to be her most indulgent zeal and now she has ventured into the digital art world with her stunning NFTs available on

MASH India

Shalini Passi Art Foundation

MASH (@mash_india) • Instagram Shalini Passi (@shalini.passi) • Instagram

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