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New Launch of the LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEFSilver Lockit Beads braceletLouis

Louis Vuitton launches the Silver Lockit Beads bracelet within the LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEF partnership. Embodied in a digital campaign by House Ambassador Chloe Grace Moretz, the new bracelet is the latest launch in the Silver Lockit collection, continuing to support children in need through the Maison’s partnership with UNICEF.


Reimagined as a semi-beaded bracelet for 2023, the new Silver Lockit design is worn

individually and stacked by the award-winning actress in a series of natural, outdoor

portrait shots; each reflecting the casual yet versatile nature of these latest creations.

As with the previous designs, the new bracelet features the iconic miniature padlock,

now set between six silver beads with three cord colour options: red, black and blue,

and a fourth black cord version in titanium.

Since 2016, Louis Vuitton has raised over $20 million USD for UNICEF, with new

versions of the Silver Lockit launched annually to support in the ongoing raising

of funds. For every Silver Lockit Beads bracelet sold, $150 is donated to UNICEF.

The new bracelet design will be in stores globally from 5th May 2023.

The digital campaign for the new Silver Lockit Beads bracelet will launch on Louis

Vuitton social channels from 11th May 2023.

LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEF partnership

Launched in 2016, the LOUIS VUITTON for UNICEF partnership works to help

bring vulnerable children life-saving humanitarian support all over the world,

including UNICEF’s emergency programmes, responding swiftly to emergencies

or catastrophes worldwide. We have supported UNICEF’s emergency responses

including the ongoing conflict in Ukraine since 2022, the COVID-19 crisis in India

in 2021, the explosion in Lebanon in 2020, and the situation in Afghanistan since

2021. Louis Vuitton has also contributed to UNICEF’s aid programmes following

Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria; during the Rohingya crisis from 2018 to 2019

in Bangladesh; amidst the emergency situation linked to the war in Yemen, and many

others over the past six years.

Since 2016, Louis Vuitton has raised over $20 million USD for UNICEF through

the sale of its Silver Lockit bracelet and pendant collections. New versions of the

Silver Lockit bracelet have been launched annually to continue to support UNICEF.

For every Silver Lockit sold, $100 - $200 is donated to UNICEF, depending on

the collection.

To learn more about the partnership visit:

*UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand, product or service.

© Louis Vuitton


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