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New Haute Couture designs by Yuliya Savytska in Support to Ukraine

Couture evening bags Wild Orchid Bordeaux.

Mass production has been under criticism for a long time and nowadays regarding the current circumstances even more. The artist and Haute Couture designer Yuliya Savytska makes her artworks personally by hand creating unique single pieces.

Herewith the Artist and Couture designer Yuliya Savytska is pleased to introduce her new Feather Couture Collection Pearl Swan in white, black and coffe-rosé colours, further colors in single edition will follow. Couture Evening Bags Pearl Swan are hand embroidered and hand created of ostrich feather, French viscose-silk velvet fabric, Japanese Cotton Pearls, Swarovski Pearls, Chinese crystals & rondelles, beautiful viscosa-polyester jacquard lining, Chinese fermoir and shoulder chain and other precious materials. 100% handwork, no one machine stitch! A real artwork! Unique single art piece.

Couture evening bags Wild Orchid Rosé.

Donating to charity for Ukraine

20% of sales from each of Yuliya Savytska YS artworks will be donated to trusted organisations to support humanitarian and medical help for Ukraine. Designer urges to support Ukrainian artists, brands and businesses you like, as they also support Ukraine.

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