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Mohammed Mostafa the first Emirati actor in an Apple TV Original Series

Mohammed Mostafa lands his first major international project, in H/JACK, an Apple TV thriller miniseries in which has a role opposite Idris Elba (below).

Mostafa is Head of Bussines Development and Project Management at Mostafa Bin Abdullatif Investments LLC; Founder and CEO of Versatile Synergy; Director of Investors Relations at Green Sands Equity (GSE).


LTR: Idris Elba and Mohammed Mostafa two actors from ‘Hijack'

"H/JACK " Apple TV+

Hijack (stylized as H/JACK) for Apple TV+ is a thriller miniseries created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith, starring Idris Elba, "who is also the Executive Producer of this Apple Original series," Mostafa adds. The first season premiered on June 28, 2023, on Apple TV+. Mostafa debuts in ‘Hijack' already from Episode 1, where he is acting next to actors like Idris Elba. "This is my fifth project," he adds. "I have done two short films and two feature films. My last film was shot in the UAE and was directed by Pierre Morel, who is the director of ‘Taken’ [ed. note: from 2008, with Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Leland Orser, and Jon Gries]. Before that, I acted in a film shot by my brother Ali Mostafa, and we shot that in Romania." Unfortunately, Mostafa can't reveal much about the shooting location for ‘Hijack’ or other details, but he adds that "this is my first major international production to be in."

In the official Hijack trailers for Apple TV+, we see Mostafa onscreen as his character, wearing a traditional all-white Emirati costume. It is a look that makes a statement, even if he is playing a fictional character. It also appears that he is one of the key individuals who can help Idris Elba resolve the main storyline successfully.

The script is based on Flight KA29 being hijacked at a high speed, 35000 feet above sea level. Sam Nelson—played by Idris Elba—must keep calm and negotiate a peaceful end to a hijacking before the time runs out for this seven-hour flight from Dubai to London. Mostafa's parents are coincidentally from Dubai and London, respectively, which adheres to the storyline and location of Hijack and arguably gives authenticity to his role in the thriller.

Mohammed Mostafa talks to Visionnaire just before flying to London for the premier screening of his first major international project, H/JACK, an Apple TV thriller miniseries in which he has landed a role opposite Idris Elba (below).

Born in 1991 in Dubai, UAE, Mostafa soon became a child actor. While he continues to act, when he finds time, Mostafa is a respected entrepreneur as well as a yoga instructor.

His brother, Ali Mostafa, is one of the UAE's pioneering filmmakers, and his debut as a child actor in short films made by his brother gave him the necessary confidence to be on screen. Finally, Mostafa's lifelong love of acting and film has made him the first Emirati to land a part in an Apple TV Original Series, which is currently the streaming service's biggest hit abroad.

The Family Office - A century-old legacy

While representing UAE actors in foreign films, he aspires to carry on the family business' tradition and pursue his love of cinema.

His great-grandfather, Sheikh Mostafa Bin Abdullatif founded Mostafa Bin Abdullatif Investments LLC, therefore breaking down barriers and broadening perspectives around the world is in his genes. Just as his great-grandfather successfully grew the family-owned firm abroad because he possessed the traits and tenacity that helped him to enter new cultures and gain the respect of people, Mostafa has the same qualities and perseverance to promote his name and businesses on the international scene.

The following year, when Mostafa Bin Abdullatif Investments LLC celebrates its 100th anniversary since his great-grandfather founded it in 1924, Mostafa will be among the 3rd and 4th generation members to honor his great-grandfather's enduring heritage. Consequently, being one of the nation's oldest family offices, "the commerce between the UAE and Kingdom of Bahrain is still active today and began with the trade of pearls," Mostafa tells Visionnaire.

Today, the family company conducts real estate development between the UAE and Bahrain. It operates in distribution, representing some of the top premium names and brands in the world, including Breitling, Oral B, etc.

Their business incorporates service, manufacturing, and the family office. The family office is an investment vehicle with investment arms in private equity and venture capital (VC).

Green Sands Equity (GSE) and Versatile Synergy (VS)

Mostafa’s appointment to Green Sands is aimed to share the unique deals in the region with family and friends. GSE is a boutique private equity firm based in Silicon Valley with offices in Zurich, Doha, Dubai, and Singapore. Since GSE concentrates on growth-stage firms, their concentration is on healthcare, space stations, future technologies, technology, and all technology-based businesses.

Mostafa is also the founder and CEO of Versatile Synergy, which aids businesses in the UAE with their digital transformation by offering software development and technology services. "I am now working full time in my family business," he explains that, "the beauty of this situation having different roles is that all operations fall under the same umbrella of my family business."

By Dr Yana Leonova

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