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MM6 Maison Margiela AW23 show disrupts preconceived silhouettes

MM6 Maison Margiela’s new collection is a sight to behold; a perfect mix of innovative contemporary and classic styles but presented in a series of entirely new contexts in which they might be viewed and worn. A play of surfaces and perception, looks appear as seen through the looking-glass familiar and ungraspable at the same time.

Artist Miguel (@miguel).

The singer Miguel wears MM6 AVP AW23 look 18.

The actor Filippo Scotti wears the MM6 AVP AW23 look 21 and the last drop of the MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon.

The actor Rocco Fasano wears the MM6 SS23 look 21 Rocco Fasano (@rocco_fasano)

Artist Gaia The singer Gaia wears MM6 SS23 look 19 with a coat from the MM6 AVP AW23 collection.

All images courtesy of MM6®

The new MM6 collection is full of versatile, modern pieces that will instantly elevate any look. A shirt with a body in gossamer navy lining fabric comes with bulky leather sleeves; those of a tailored wool blazer are foiled down the front. A hood emerging from the collar of a camel wool greatcoat is in fact a removable

scarf, while the boxer short waistband that peeks above straight-leg blue jeans is built into them.

fastening with a drawstring.

The high-quality materials and refined details on accessories, like thigh-high boots crafted from panelled brushed calfskin and distressed suede, add an extra element of sophistication. The range includes timeless basics, like the iconic Japanese Bag, but here proposed as a triple-handled model and as a full-size Weekender.

In addition to classic and contemporary styles, MM6's new collection also includes some unique silhouettes. MM6 has found a way to reinvent classic pieces and make them trendy yet timeless. With this exciting range of designs, one can be bold and make a statement in a unique manner with MM6 Maison Margiela’s new collection. It’s the perfect way to express personal style and show off a unique sense of fashion.

The intention is not to trick the eye, rather the idea is to dress pleasantly for the next fall season and test new wardrobe combinations, something the brand always proposes in a original and sensible way.

Unexpected fabric textures and treatments are irreverently spliced, disrupting preconceived expectations associations of particular garments, textiles and silhouettes. This extends to the presentation and design of the catwalk itself. The show presented during the Milan Fashion Week, with its exposed backstage, holds much transparency and this is yet another disrupting way to organise runways. With its unique aesthetic and always on-trend pieces, it’s no wonder that Maison Margiela has become one of the most sought-after labels for fashion forward dressers.

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