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MBandF unveils Stainless Steel edition LM Perpetual

The award-winning LM series is now available in stainless steel

Salmon-colored dials and stainless steel cases have been present for a very long time, but only occasionally and usually only for special versions.and that have developed a small niche following. Over the past 18 years, MB&F have only occasionally made stainless steel cases and even less frequently—just once—salmon dials.

The new LM Perpetual Stainless Steel with Salmon Dial Plate is an absolute first for MB&F when you combine those two characteristics.Collectors will be happy to learn that this special pairing from MB&F won't be officially considered a limited edition, though it will be constrained by our manufacturing capacity due to the complexity of the LM Perpetual calibre and its 581 components.

The Legacy Machine Perpetual, which was first unveiled in 2015, has emerged as one of MBandF's top models. The perpetual calendar mechanism was practically reinvented by our friend and independent watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, who produced a more user-friendly, more dependable (and incredibly beautiful!) machine. Among other accolades, it won the Best Calendar Watch prize at the GPHG / Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

The first pieces ship as of now; you’ll also find them at eShop.

Retail price of the LM Perpetual Stainless Steel is CHF 164,000 + VAT (USD 180,000 / EUR 172,000 + VAT).

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