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MB&F unveils Paris exclusive watch collection

MB&F collaborates with Laurent Picciotto for Paris exclusive LMX Paris Edition


Laurent Picciotto wears the LMX Paris Edition. All images courtesy of MB&F.

Laurent Picciotto, founder of the legendary Chronopassion boutique in Paris – met Maximilian Büsser when he created MB&F in 2005, he needed the support of a few retailers who would accept to place orders for our very first Horological Machine No.1, two years in advance – and, more challenging, to pay 30% of those orders up front! Laurent – a true pioneer and ambassador of independent watchmaking – was one of just six retail partners who took this leap of faith.

Fast-forward 17 years later, to 2022, and Laurent opens one of very first MB&F LABs in the world, on rue Saint-Honoré. To mark this exceptional friendship, MB&F has created a special edition together, available exclusively at the Parisian location: the LMX ‘Paris Edition’, with a purple sunray dial plate, in an 18k white gold case, limited to just 15 pieces.

“If I were to give a name to the LMX Paris Edition, I would undoubtedly call it the ‘LMX Deep Purple’ in reference to the famous 1968 rock group – this piece is definitely rock ’n’ roll!”, says Laurent.

The original LMX celebrated 10 years of Legacy Machines; it was essentially a supercharged version of the first Legacy Machine, an LM1 on steroids. The LMX features the same signature flying balance wheel, along with two dials of stretched white lacquer, each with its own fully independent time display – but unlike the first Legacy Machines, both dials are tilted at an angle, requiring the transfer of energy from horizontal to vertical planes thanks to conical gears. In another nod to the world-first vertical power reserve indicator of LM1, LMX features a three-dimensional display that showcases the engine’s impressive seven days of power reserve – with the option to select between two modes. Two markers are positioned on opposite sides of a hemisphere; one framed by an arched scale numbered 1 to 7, another with a scale showing the 7 days of the week.

The LMX Paris Edition is available exclusively at Chronopassion in Paris. Retail price is EUR 122,000 before taxes (= EUR 146,400 including VAT).


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