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Maison Valentino celebrates the city of Rome by giving back greenery to Piazza di Spagna

From right to left: Jacopo Venturini CEO Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli Creative Director Valentino,

Alessandro Onorato Rome Capital Councillor for Major Events, Sport, Tourism and Fashion. Credits: Courtesy of Valentino – Ph. Alfonso Catalano SGP Italia

Maison Valentino continues its honourable relationship with the territory with a giving back initiative aimed at reinforcing its roots, symbolically and physically, in the Roman Capital.

Jacopo Venturini CEO Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli Creative Director Valentino,

Alessandro Onorato Rome Capital Councillor for Major Events, Sport, Tourism and

Fashion, and Francesco Ferrini University of Florence Professor of Arboriculture,

celebrated on November 25 the planting of two palm trees in Piazza di Spagna: an

action that fits perfectly within the conscious-driven vision of the Maison and which

respects the traditional landscaping of the Roman square in which the palm trees have

always resided. Two of the existing palm trees had been infected with red weevil insect

and therefore needed to be replaced. The procedure respected nature’s timetable, as

it took place in mid-October, the optimal month for planting this type of tree due to

the favourable mild temperatures.

The initiative, first announced last July as part of the Haute Couture Fall/Winter

2022-23 Valentino The Beginning fashion show, now represents a concrete result of

the Maison’s deep commitment towards the territory in which it operates and to its

prosperous and constant collaboration with local Roman institutions. A true sign of

the double bond that exists between Maison Valentino and Rome, the core of the

brand’s narrative since its founding, a real and vibrant city to which the Maison today

gives back a corner of natural beauty in the shade of the square, the same one that

welcomes the historic headquarters of Valentino, Palazzo Mignanelli.

For Valentino, company culture is synonymous with excellence and attention to

detail, safeguard and enhancement of the environmental and human heritage of the

communities with which it collaborates at a global and local scale. A commitment to

giving back greenery to Rome, a treasure of inestimable value that Valentino aims to

cherish and develop.

Jacopo Venturini - CEO Valentino: "We are delighted to experience and share this important moment of union and synergy with Roma Capitale. We strongly believe that each single action, even the smallest one, is significant in supporting, protecting and safeguarding the environment and its people. Rome plays a fundamental role in the Maison and its history; for us it is of utmost importance to continue to keep alive the cultural and ethical dialogue with the city and its Community. The greenery is a contribution and is part of our conscious journey, a path that harmoniously unfolds within our DNA, in which awareness, social and environmental responsibility merge with our giving back commitment."

Alessandro Onorato, Councillor for Major Events, Sport, Tourism and Fashion - Rome Capital: "We are proud of the collaboration with Maison Valentino, a perfect global ambassador for Rome and its eternal beauty, everlasting and always going beyond. Maison Valentino’s giving back action today is much more than a symbol: it represents attention, care and love for our city. A continued commitment after the monumental fashion show in Piazza di Spagna, which returned to the city of Rome the role it deserves in the world of international fashion. With its architectural and artistic wonders, Rome is the best place to host the unique and distinguished touch renowned of Maison Valentino, which began here and from here transmits the Italian values of fashion all over the world."

Francesco Ferrini, Professor of Arboriculture – University of Florence: "As our cities grow and develop, it is important to consider the impact that urban areas have on nature. What was once a meadow or a forest is now covered in concrete: how does this affect the ecosystem and the climate of a city like Rome? It’s been tough, but people are beginning to become aware that our actions can have environmental effects, thus changing the climate of our planet and affecting animals, plants and the people. All of this has led to the understanding that green spaces need to be more prominently present in urban planning and therefore there is no doubt that palm trees occupy a well-deserved place in the Roman landscape.


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