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Maison Georges Hobeika Haute Couture Winter 2022

A new era for the Maison begins with the Fall 2022 Couture collection ETERNAL GIFTS presented by Co-Creative Directors Georges and Jad Hobeika. Just before the Paris couture fashion show, the new collaboration was formally unveiled. Each item in the collection is a meticulously intricate homage to the unique treasures of Mother Nature, translated into amazing suits and dresses by the Mains Précieuses seamstresses in the House's Beirut Atelier.

Exceptional maturity, unrestricted imagination, and reverence for the illustrious Maison Georges Hobeika combined with couture savoir-faire.

The Fall 2022 couture collection recognizes that there is no "one size fits all" ideal of beauty, silhouette, or sex, while remaining faithful to the Maison's aesthetics. It was a surprising feeling of spring in almost all the Paris collections and here also, combined with dramatic feathers and jewel-like sculptural formations of stones and crystal appliqués, the season’s palette flushes from Mediterranean blues to sunset tones of peachy orange, yellow, fuchsia and pink, the signature colour combination of the Maison, with noticeably new playfulness from the new co-director blended with the House’s DNA, adapts a futuristic realm through a range of innovative techniques, from meticulous airbrushing to metallic feathers and spikes.

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