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LVMH emphasises diversity & inclusion for its employees

In a new series of inspiring and moving portraits of the Group’s talented people, LVMH presents its vision of a corporate culture that is “diverse by essence and inclusive by choice”. It’s Everyone’s Business is a compelling series of first-person accounts that spotlight how the Group supports the professional and sometimes personal growth of its employees, regardless of their background and differences. Because it really is everyone’s business!


LVMH’s workforce counts more than 190 nationalities and people from 4 generations in over 80 countries. The Group is by definition multicultural. LVMH views this diversity and cross-fertilization of perspectives as a tremendous source of creativity and performance. Through the prism of diversity, inclusion and equity, each story in the series invites viewers to share a very personal experience, including the expertise and engagement with the world people have acquired through working at LVMH. These powerful, positive and empathetic voices resonate with all the members of LVMH.

Episode 1: “You can’t be what you can’t see” — Rodney Pratt Chief Legal Officer of LVMH North America, Rodney stresses the importance of representation. He recounts how his path continues to influence his day-to-day decisions and enables him to be a committed actor in change in the community and beyond.

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