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LUXURY BASICS from Andean peaks by Chirimoya

Discover wardrobe staples crafted from 100% Pima cotton. 

Founded under principles of legacy and longevity, Chirimoya enhances everyday clothing with traditional techniques used by tribes of the Andean Mountains.

The result is modern, functional garments embellished with details that continue ancient practice. The brand offers ethically-sourced luxury garments, with a focus on wardrobe essentials for men and women -adding a touch of elegance to your everyday style.

As a #Colombian brand, sourcing materials from the surrounding Andean region is a crucial part of their process.  The brand uses an extra-long staple #Pima cotton from #Peru that has been proven to be one of the longest strains of cotton in the world, renowned for its luxurious qualities. Chirimoya meets comfort and quality, creating garments that feel better and last longer.


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