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Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama unveil Mens and Womens Ready to Wear, bags, shoes and accessories

Maison LOUIS VUITTON unveils the continuation of the collaboration with YAYOI KUSAMA.

The Japanese avant-garde artist is known worldwide for her hypnotic and colorful art. True to her signature, which she has preserved over the years, she uses her motifs in endless succession and in this way conquers the entire space.

LOUIS VUITTON last met the magical art of YAYOI KUSAMA in 2012. But this relationship never ended - ten years later the sequel followed. A first glimpse of the collaboration between LOUIS VUITTON and YAYOI KUSAMA was given in May 2022 in San Diego during the LOUIS VUITTON Cruise 2023 show.

In line with LOUIS VUITTON's artistic collaborations, the encounter between the Maison and YAYOI KUSAMA is based on openness, iconoclasm and, above all, on a mutual appreciation of craftsmanship and excellence over the everyday. The collaboration, which embraces both the women's and men's worlds in the form of ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, accessories, luggage, suitcases and fragrances, is divided into two drops with different thematic directions, all following the iconic ones Motifs by YAYOI KUSAMA.

The motif of the PAINTED DOTS is the origin of this project. The Dots are a direct translation of YAYOI KUSAMA's artistic signature through an intricate technique of screen printing and embossing onto leather or iconic coated canvas. The METAL DOTS collection is an expression of infinity, inspired by YAYOI KUSAMA's reflecting spheres - a motif known from her daffodil garden shown (unofficially) at the 33rd Venice Biennale in 1966.

The PAINTED DOTS later transform into the better-known INFINITY DOTS. It is the artist's most popular motif and as a collection, one that includes the most pieces across all product categories for both women and men, appearing in both Drop 1 and Drop 2. Another of Kusama's passions is flowers; the fleeting beauty of the ephemeral is contrasted with the sense of the eternal and infinite.

The collaboration between LOUIS VUITTON and YAYOI KUSAMA is celebrated in a fully immersive visual landscape ranging from window displays to pop-ups to animated billboards, AR experiences, an XR game and a proprietary advertising campaign.

LOUIS VUITTON x YAYOI KUSAMA Drop 1 will be launched worldwide on January 6th.

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