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Louis Vuitton show Fall/Winter 2023 redefines French fashion

The Musée d'Orsay's vaulted salons once again set the backdrop to the Louis Vuitton show for the Fall/Winter 2023 collection, with set designer James Chinlund and artist Philippe Parreno once more signing the scenography with a motif based on Nicolas Becker's aural illusions. The question "What defines French fashion?" is the scene.

Fall-Winter 2023 Women’s Fashion Show Collection © Louis Vuitton – All rights reserved

The French chic is celebrated across the world thanks to its history and current ambassadors, many of whom attended the show. Thus Paris' indisputable number one ranking as the capital of fashion is undeniable even today, when fashion is much more democratized and the historical role fashion played in the Ancién Regime during the time of the French courts has diminished yet remains a strong backbone to the present French fashion identity.

Despite all the rival social media, famous people, various Tik Tok ensembles, and inventive, creative styles, the French reference remains the joker and a favorite for them all. Some of the most famous names in fashion are French, and Louis Vuitton is without doubt one of them and appears to remain so. And when the new creative director takes over, who can predict how popularity will rise even more? It seems that French style is both unique and applicable to other parts of the world at the same time. This issue itself is puzzling and inspires never-ending fascination. Is it an irrational trend sitting on top of an outrageous tradition's oxymoronic base? Or an evolving style in which couture conventions accept an astounding diversity of cultures to become what is known as the French exception, like the palimpsest of many different currents from all over. The paradoxical style of intangible magnetism that still fascinates the world combines refinement with a dabbler's air. The trick of the eye in French appeal The French have a way of captivating people, and this show beautifully captures this force.

Ghesquière at the helm of Louis Vuitton has the opportunity to redefine the French style and global style. He has reimagined the "French girl look" that the entire internet is searching for especially after the Netflix series Emily in Paris. Ghesquière's Emily is career woman with oversized strong-shouldered jacket and oversized trousers. Fascinated with futurism and surrealism, the sci-fi note of the show included glowing "eyewear", bags shaped like a Parisian house and his experiment with asymmetrical cut tops that frame naked shoulders very tastefully. But there are also some cosy wrap-up, thick hand-knit scarfs and and boots are also very desirable.

Louis Vuitton has always had a wanderlust because of its origins in this unique history. A time-traveling vessel called The Maison celebrates its knowledge, invention, exploration, and artistic aspirations through its own take on French fashion story.

Scene of the show.

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