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Leona König’s New Role - In The International Film Production

TV Host / Producer Founder of Classical TV Show GOLDEN NOTE by Leona König,

Leona König is the Chairwomen & Founder of the IMF – International Music Foundation for Highly Gifted Children, based in Vienna. It is usual Leona who recru talents for the great musical stage. This time it is Leon’s talent taht is in focus and she is casted in the international film production by Robert Dornhelm. The Producer stages the third season of the international ORF event production with Matthew Beard and Juergen Maurer Vienna (OTS) - With top ratings beyond national borders, "Vienna Blood" has already written a success story.

After six films in two seasons, the next coup is now to follow: under the direction of Robert Dornhelm, shooting for the seventh, eighth and ninth parts of the historical crime series has been in full swing since Monday, March 21, 2021. After the congenial duo Matthew Beard and Juergen Maurer in turn-of-the-century Vienna, on their unconventional search for clues, were faced with a "rendez-vous with death" (based on the novel by Frank Tallis) and the two "Der Schattengott" (based on the characters and motifs of Frank Tallis) poses many a riddle, "Death and the Maiden" (based on the novel by Frank Tallis) becomes a further challenge.

ORF General Director Mag. Roland Weißmann said "'Vienna Blood' has long been more than exciting ORF-2 crime entertainment, this series is rather a benchmark for what the ORF is able to achieve fictionally: A high-end production that lends internationality to an Austrian setting and doesn't need to shy away from comparisons anywhere in the world. Robert Dornhelm and the MR-FILM team do great things and make you want more with every episode.”

In addition to Matthew Beard and Juergen Maurer, Josef Ellers, Luise von Finckh, Charlene McKenna, Conleth Hill, Amelia Bullmore, Miriam Hie, Robert Reinagl, Raphael von Bargen and Simon Hatzl as well as Maria Köstlinger, Michael are again in other roles in these three ninety-minute films Kranz and Victoria Nikolaevskaya and Leona König are in front of the camera.

The episodic characters are once again top-class, with e.g. Markus Freistätter, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Harald Schrott and Xaver Hutter (Part 7, "Rendezvous with Death"), Cornelius Obonya, Miriam Fussenegger, Karola Niederhuber and Leona König (Part 8, "The Shadow God") and Anne-Marie Waldeck, Helene Stupnicki and Bibiana Beglau (Part 9, "Death and the Maiden").

The screenplays for the new films of this international ORF event production are again by Stephen Thompson (based on the novels by Frank Tallis). Filming – again in English this time – will take place in Vienna and Budapest and is expected to last until the end of June. The third season of "Vienna Blood" should be shown on ORF 2 in 2022.

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