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Latimmier puts focus on social and ecological sustainability at CPHFW

Latimmier aspires to combine questions of identity with social and ecological sustainability in order to generate better practices of producing, consuming, and working with fashion. The brand's ultimate vision is to redefine how we approach gender in everyday life.

Latimmier SPRING/SUMMER 2024. All images Ville Mäkäräinen ©

Corporate executives, stock brokers, money, power, glory. Latimmier 4th collection is inspired by archetypes of men in power presented and idolized in North-American film and television

Specifically creative director Ervin Latimer was inspired by Martin Scorcese’s depiction of money-making-masculinity in his 2013 film Wolf of Wall Street and a story* published on the business section of The Guardian on April 7th 2023 by Arwa Mahadawi, titled “30 under 30-year sentences: why so many of Forbes’ young heroes face jail”. Both of these provided a fascinating look at the perception of success and how it relates to the perception of masculinity. Latimer, with help of his team, delved into a world where everything is for sale and money is the judge, jury and executioner. A world where one’s attire is a direct reflection of one’s status. These themes are reflected literally in prints that are based on Latimmier´s real life invoices from debt collection agencies and line motifs based on the stock value of the Lehman Brothers until the market crash of 2008, as well as more figuratively in silhouettes that lean on a seductive, yet slashed and shredded take on corporate masculinity and tailoring. Lightweight cotton poplin and summer quality merino wool twills are paired with luscious naturally dyed leathers and silks and finished off with bonded fringes and intricate mesh intarsia knitwear. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jordan Belfort’s last words in the movie Wolf of Wall Street are “Sell me this pen.” Collection No. 4 ‘POSITIONS OF POWER’ is the brand's sartorial take on the thinking behind that statement.

This collection features 100% recycled fabrics by Coleo and Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto: 1. Coleo’s Cordoba twill 2/2 206-1, a 100% recycled, 90% textile-to-textile fabric with 38% of fibers from Finnish post consumer textile waste 2. Coleo’s Cook Plana 160, a 100% recycled, 82% textile-to-textile with 35% of fibers from Finnish post consumer textile waste


Coleo is a Spanish fabric mill that transforms textile waste into the garments of the future. Coleo is dedicated to building a circular and sustainable industry, prioritizing maximum quality, transparency, and measurable traceability. Their approach revolves around an integrated local and scalable ecosystem that covers all stages of the recycling chain. Together, these efforts contribute to a thriving planet: from the collection of garments to their sorting and recycling in inclusive and innovative workplaces, where waste is reborn as new raw materials. This matter is transformed back into fibers, which are then spun into thread. This thread is used to create fabric that becomes an integral part of designing and manufacturing brand-new garments.

Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (LSJH)

LSJH is a public waste management organization which has taken up the challenge of post-consumer textile recycling in Finland. The common good company is actively involved in many development projects to create new textile-to-textile ecosystems and circular solutions. LSJH’s mission is to support and help different companies and brands, such as Latimmier, in concrete ways to find the best sustainable options to utilize recycled textile raw materials in their designing and manufacturing processes. The partnership between Coleo and LSJH is a powerful alliance built on shared values, circular textile principles, and a joint commitment to driving positive change in the textile industry in Europe. By working together, they have established a circular business model where Finnish end-of-life textiles are recycled to create new yarns and fabrics that Finnish brands use to create fashion and homeware products.

AIDA Impact

AIDA Impact is a jewelry brand that seeks to create sustainable and measurable social impact. AIDA Impact was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in spring 2018. Their mission is twofold. For their customers, they offer beauty and joy through high-quality, fine craftsmanship jewelry that is made of natural materials in Helsinki. For their employees – who are immigrant and refugee women – they provide a gateway to working life, and a network in a new country.

AIDA is founded, run, and owned by women.


Instagram: @latimmier

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