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Kico Camacho's art: a mirror of our collective soul

By Carlos Mundy

Concern about the effects of climate change on the Earth and the artist’s interest in ecology has led him to use, at various levels, nature as the framework for his work. His passion for water -

not only as a means of personal enjoyment throughout his life but, above all, as a sacred gift - has made

this element an inherent part of his work, whether it be pictorial or sculptural.

Water is a main part and vital foundation in all cultures and

all religions since it is a constituent element of life, a

source of sustenance and fundamental for the existence of

all living organisms. In innumerable myths and poetic

creations water appears as an image or reflection of the

soul, and for Kico Camacho it is a mirror of our collective

soul; the level of our consciousness reflected in the health

or deterioration of our water basins, the mirror in which to

look at ourselves.

It is through abstract elements, codes of pictorial reading,

colour, forms, perspective, symbolic elements, light and

reflections that the artist creates changing atmospheres

with the aim of tempting the observer to enter the work -

either physically and/or mentally, depending on the case -

completing it, transforming it and making it his own. An

invitation to travel beyond physical and mental limitations,

to ask ourselves questions, to establish a dialogue with our

sensitive and subconscious side, to undertake an adventure

of discovery through imaginative and infinite readings.

Oases sculptures

An oasis is a vital part of life in the arid and semi-arid

climate, and they are a model for the natural interaction of

desert people with their environment. In most cases, they

are the only source of freshwater and are essential stops

along trade routes as merchants must replenish food and

water supplies.

Kico Camacho feels that the cities of the Middle East are

XXI century oases: - a metaphor of the metropolis as an

ecosystem where life thrives and therefore is preparing an

exhibition of his 3D Oasis as a preamble to the

construction of his monumental oasis sculpture in one of

the Middle East metropolises that would become an

emblematic and iconic landmark.

The magnificent sculpture will be a structure that can be

visited, and people will enter it and stroll appreciating the

beauty of an oasis, reconnecting with the phenomenon of

which is LIFE. It will be a magical space that allows the

visitor to perceive and experience through the five senses

beyond a plausible reality. It aims to be a place of

encounter with others and with oneself in an environment

where the colours, the water, the labyrinth of a forest form

and earthly and imaginary OASIS at the same time.

Both the exhibition and the monumental sculpture is a call

to raise awareness on the oasis fragile ecosystem and the

challenges of its preservation.

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