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Karolina Swierk, Owner and Founder of Lady Matchmaker Celebrity Love-Discovery App

Founded in 2021, Lady Matchmaker is a love-discovery app unlike any other. Part dating app, part matchmaking service, Lady Matchmaker is on a mission to help individuals throughout the world explore the dating world, meeting wonderful new people, and find real love – all without the fear, frustration, and danger of catfishing

By Jules Lavallee

As a professional businesswoman you found that dating was almost impossible. Tell us about your experience.

As a professional businesswoman, dating was almost impossible. Between my busy schedule and my professional obligations, meeting someone on my own was incredibly difficult. I attempted to use some of the more popular dating apps, only to be constantly catfished or lied to about the person I was connecting with. I would spend hours building relationships, connections, or interest with people who were lying about their identity – and it was exhausting. Finally, I hired a professional matchmaker to support me in my search – and my results dramatically improved. Why? Because the matchmaker had taken the time to fully vet the person I was meeting, match me up with people who aligned with my goals, values, and interests, and safety in mind. By adding a personal touch and added a layer of sophistication to the process, my experience improved tremendously – which leads me to today.

I launched Lady Matchmaker to offer the convenience and variety of online dating apps with the safety, security, and tailored results of a professional matchmaking service. Lady Matchmaker delivers the simplicity, accessibility, and affordability of an online dating site with the personalized search results and safety measures of a matchmaking service.

Love is out there – and with Lady Matchmaker, my goal is to help you fall in love with love. Here’s to sunset walks, long talks, endless kisses, and memorable romance!

At Lady Matchmaker, we are steadfast in our mission to help our members make real connections with real people. Each member of Lady Matchmaker must submit a minimum 3 pictures and schedule a video with a Matchmaker to confirm their identity, and upon confirmation, our team offers a variety of services to help our members find romance that aligns with their style, values, and personality. Lady Matchmakers is for members 21 and older, and boasts a global community of authentic, verified, and vetted individuals looking to make a real connection. Why is it a perfect love-discovery app for celebrities and high-profile people?

A safety overhaul is long overdue in the dating app community, and Lady Matchmaker is leading the charge to ensure a secure experience for celebrities seeking authentic connections. A new dating app that streamlines romance for high profile people, Lady Matchmaker has quickly become the mature alternative to its traditional dating app competitors. By putting safety at the forefront of its design, Lady Matchmaker is the safest way for celebrities to find love online.

Addressing safety concerns in online dating has never been more important. As digital life evolves, so does digital fraud: as many as one in ten dating profiles online are fake, and some estimates find that up to 50 million dollars are stolen in romantic scams each year.

It’s become way too commonplace for catfishes, scammers and bad actors to take advantage of those looking for love on dating apps. Dating is already such a vulnerable experience to begin with, and it’s irresponsible of dating app creators to have so readily accepted safety loopholes on their platforms as normal.

Following the explosion of online socializing during the pandemic, there’s no going back: digital romance is here to stay, and dating technology needs to catch up. Lady Matchmaker was founded on the premise that no matter how busy you are, how famous you are, and how much modern dating exhausts you, you still deserve a secure and pleasant romantic experience.

Safety as the Basis

Before you can even swipe and find matches, Lady Matchmaker uses real humans to verify the identity of its users. Here’s how:

● After downloading the app, you must upload three pictures of yourself and schedule a video call with a professional matchmaker.

● On your matchmaker video call, you have to answer multiple questions to confirm your identity and validate your photos.

● Only once your profile is approved by the professional matchmaker, you can personalize it with more pictures and information to begin swiping and matching.

Everyone deserves to feel safe while dating, and it’s time for this standard to apply to celebrities as well. We can’t wait for celebrities to experience the security, and subsequent delight, that our platform has to offer.

What makes your app unique?

Lady Matchmaker is committed to providing the most robust identity verification process to offer their users only quality matches. All members must upload three pictures of themselves, schedule a quick video call with one of our matchmakers, and answer some profile confirmation questions during these calls before being approved for membership on site. Once approved, users can personalize their profile and start meeting potential partners.

With two types of memberships available to users, Lady Matchmaker provides a flexible, user-friendly way for busy professionals to find love without wasting time or experiencing unnecessary heartache. Users can choose between the Kiss and Relationship packages, offering different levels of interaction, conversation, and connection with potential matches. Kiss is the basic membership where users swipe left and right on other users’ photos, send direct messages and video chat or voice calls with matches from swiping, also allowing members to join various social groups within the app to see posts, comments, or direct message people with similar interests.

The Relationship package includes all Kiss features but also enjoys handpicked pairings curated by professional matchmakers and comprehensive compatibility analysis. The Relationship matches arrive every 30-90 days, and include an introductory phone call through Lady Matchmaker’s secure platform. Plus, both memberships include access to Lady Matchmaker’s social groups, which aim to build a community of mature professionals ready for authentic romance.

As a matchmaker, what is important to you?

When you’re busy, exhausted, and trying to juggle a million things at once, the last thing you need is to waste time on a dating app where the people you’re talking to might not be a real person, let alone a good match for you. Existing dating apps lack the sophistication and personal touch of a professional matchmaker, so I created this app to bring top-tier matchmaking services to those who want and need it most.

Will Lady Matchmaker be the elite service for Celebrities?

Yes we are planning to be the elite service for Celebrities.

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