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Jacob & Co. Unveils Its Most Exciting News To Date

Geneva/Stratosphere 9-6-2022 @jacobandco shares the brand’s most exciting news to date: a Jacob & Co. #Astronomia becomes the first ever triple axis tourbillon to go to space!

On April 8th, from the Launch Complex 39A at the @kennedyspacecenter in #Florida, #Axiom Space launched a four person team to and from the International Space Station (#ISS). spacecraft took off to the International Space Station (ISS). Flight AX-1 successfully returned to the Florida coast on Monday, April 25th.

A crew member on this historical mission was Eytan Stibbe, a former jet fighter pilot who is now an impact investor and #philanthropist. On his wrist, he wore the first ever triple axis #tourbillon reaching space, a unique piece by #Jacob&Co, the Astronomia Tourbillon #Bucherer Blue.

With its successful return from space, the Astronomia Bucherer BLUE is set to embark on a public exhibition tour starting in #NewYork. The #watch will be auctioned off by @sothebys with all proceeds going to #charity.

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