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IVARENE unveils new jewellery collection

Elisa Battistini, founder of Ivarene, has just presented her collection at a breakfast at the Laura Gonzalez Gallery.


Elisa Battistini, founder of Ivarene

Inspired by women, nature and organic forms IVARENE jewels are all handmade in Paris with a natural and casual elegance. Each piece is hand strewn and mounted in the tradition of classic pearls using carefully selected precious and semi-precious stones from around the world. Each piece is as unique as its captor.

Stones are carefully selected, taken as they have organically formed. We love the emotion they transmit in their raw and natural state, each of their irregularities completes our conception of beauty. They are hand cut and polished. Colors and shades form soft and harmonious gradations. Composed of 35 to 50 stones cut in drop, heart, pear, smooth or faceted, each creation is unique. Every gem is fixed and separated by little knots on a durable nylon cord.

The line of necklaces and bracelets is bright and colorful: garnets, chrysoprases, amethysts, moonstones, rubies, sapphires and pearls... in various shades of turquoise, pink, red, black, blue and green. Ivarene pieces are designed to be worn everyday, day and night! Gems are precious but set in a relaxed, casual style . The very definition of elegant, delicate and radiant femininity. Elisa Battistini is a Parisian born designer from a family of jewelers. She grew up sorting gems on the Place #Vendȏme and has continued the family legacy with the launch of her debut line called IVARENE. Timeless and poetic, irresistible jewelry for life, her creations cultivate the magic of stones


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