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Irinel’s painting for the UKRAINIAN REFUGEES Donation Project

Considering the Ukrainian war situation, artist Irinel has decided to bid a painting online from the new collection “24 Wings of Angel”.


Artist Irinel Georgescu stated:

I am so impressed seeing for real and not just on tv or breaking news, so many Ukrainian mothers, even pregnant women running away with children and left behind life, husbands and homes, trying to survive. They are forced to endure such cold weather, bombs, walking for so many miles through the border. Everything is incredible therefore, I decided to make a donation, one of my paintings, and all the money from the sale will go to offer all the needed support to these mothers and children. Please, let’s try to do something together, something that will really matters for them. Thank you so much for all your support.

"Irina" - which means Peace in Ukrainian - 39.37 x 47.24 Inch (100 x 120 cm) - Acrylic on canvas.

The artist has chosen this painting to be in the same colors of the Ukrainian flag, symbolising the woman who left the country and left all behind.

We must think in long term this situation. I believe we must help more at this first hand when they get in EU countries.

We need to help them to integrate them children in education systems and jobs for the parents.

All the money will be used to help Ukrainian Refugees through Charities for organizing Accommodation, Transport, Psychological Assistance, Romanian-Ukrainian translators, clothes, food, integration of emigrants and integration of children in the education system - kindergartens and schools.

Let´s make a symbol for the UKRAINIAN REFUGEE MOTHERS through this painting. Let´s bring some hope for our future!

Thank you so much for all your support!

You are invited to Place a Bid to: 

Artist page on LinkedIn  

LinkedIn messenger:  

WhatsApp: +40 772 059 594

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