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Interview with the founder of luxury sustainable brand Emis Swimwear

EMIS Swimwear @emis_swimwear Tatiana is the founder of luxury sustainable brand Emis Swimwear, a new Dubai based brand launched in 2022 that creates beautiful swimwear made of eco-friendly fabrics. MM: What inspired you to start this business? The concept for the brand was built out of my frustrations with the swimwear market and my own struggles to find stylish swimwear that could keep up with my beach-loving side. The sustainability drive of the business is really just who I am. I wouldn't build a business any other way. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but it wasn't until college that I realized how much that spirit could help me make a difference in the world. So I started thinking about what it would look like if a swimwear brand were designed with real women in mind—women who want to look good while they're at the beach, but also want their swimsuits to be sustainable, eco-friendly products. That's where Emis Swimwear came from: a brand which stylish and supportive, but also sustainable and environmentally-conscious. That's what makes my brand unique—it combines all three things into one product. How do you plan to expand your new generation brand? We are thrilled to be a part of the Porterium luxury shopping marketplace with a focus on high-end brands and we are confident that it will help us expand our brand awareness known to a wider audience. As part of their exclusive members-only program, we are eligible for benefits and collaborations that will help us grow. We wish you a wonderful new year filled with success and new opportunities for your brand. We hope that this coming year will bring you everything that you want and more, and we look forward to celebrating with you as your company grows.

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