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Interview with Founder of Diamond N Dresses luxury brand from Dubai

Diamond N Dresses @diamond_n_dresses is a luxury brand from Dubai for the fashionable woman. Each dress is thoughtful, carefully crafted, and created to impress.

Debut collection of Diamond N Dresses was launched in 2022 in Dubai
Nailya (above center) is an young mother, who lives a busy life in Dubai. She is also a businesswoman and a fashion designer. Her debut collection of Diamond N Dresses was released in 2022 and it became an instant best seller.
Q: Why did you develop your line of dresses? As women, we know how important it is to feel good about your clothing and look beautiful. Our dresses are designed with a touch of mystery, derived from the deep meaning of the term 'DND'. The inspiration comes from the idea that women who wear our clothes become more confident, striking and seductive.

A classic dress that is as timeless as it is beautiful. It's perfect in every way, from the exquisite tailoring to the finest French lace make the look stellar.

Q: How do you envision the brand developing through Porterium marketplace?

We have had a huge success at the Emirates Fashion Week and have been approached by many prospective collaborations for 2023. Our vision is to grow our brand awareness internationally and develop it into a luxury brand through Porterium Fashion marketplace. It also offers benefits like collaborations with influencers and fashion shows, media coverage, and many more exclusive benefits available only for Porteriumverse community.

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